Empty, but then full.

posted on: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There are some nights I cannot fall asleep. Its not due to being wide awake, but because of the looming emptiness that creeps in, as I think of the flaws that I seem to be overwhelmed to have acquired over my life. I feel overwhelmed and empty. Its like “Even as unto a hungry man which dreameth, and behold he eateth but he awaketh and his soul is empty. “(2 ne 27:3)

Tonight I realized as I reflected on some of my more dumb uses of my agency when a thought occurred to me to open my scriptures. I was reading in first nephi (the first book in the Book of mormon) where a man named lehi is very overwhelmed and unhappy about his children’s lack of judgment in their lives. He reflected, “they were lead away by the foolish imaginations of their hearts.”

I thought about how the only time I am unhappy--- is when I start imagining what my life should be, what others have that I don’t, and what I could be instead. It truly is foolish because I am SO LUCKY. I have the opportunity to be Jennie Marie Jackson Moss, a beautiful daughter of two loving parents. I know that God watches over me, because of the blessings I have received over the course of my life, and that brings fulfillment.

All in all I started thinking about the many blessings that I personally have. All because I read two scriptures that described to me what I was doing to feel this inner emptiness and unsatisfaction. The overwhelming joy came from the remembrance of my purpose in life, and knowing that my flaws and incorrect decisions have made me a better version of myself, and surely more dependant of my Heavenly Father.

I am not empty. I am not to be overwhelmed with life experiences, but instead remember that I have the ability to chose LIBERTY AND ETERNAL LIFE. Through following His commandments and striving to be better I can and will become better. I can change, though Satan would have me believe different.

I love the scriptures, and I know that when I read them I am filled with purpose and with substance for my spirit.

Jennie Moss

Adele the Great

posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"YOU'VE BEEN ON MY MIND. I grow fonder everyday...."

As I posted last night, I went to see MISS ADELE at the Greek theater with my tina j. along with the cast of greys anatomy, private practice, glee (OMGOSH!), cougar town, and desperate housewives! (saw j simp & christina auguleira but only my 8th grade self was excited) Us celebs were all there to party and see our fave brit- perform the MOST AMAZING CONCERT TO DATE.

Way to Rock girl,

Idaho vs. World

I may have been here a long time. Here being IDAHO. Everyone likes to diss on Idaho and the many qualities of snow, small towns and lack of fine dining---but to be honest I LOVE IDAHO. I love how beautiful the snow is, and how quiet the streets get in the winter & I LOVE how gorgey it is in summer. Its EPIC in summer. I love waking up and taking a walk down a quiet main street with my husband. I love that there is a sno shack that has no competition, because there isn’t enough people to fund two establishments. I LOVE that going to Idaho Falls feels like going to the big city, and it feels like a special date every time we venture there. I love the pawnshops, vintage stores, and antique markets. I love the people! I love how we have full on farmers in the stores sometimes, I love that we are living in a real community. But there is not a great selection of fabric in Rexburg, so I have to venture to IF (the big city…) and cant always find what I want… Also why is there no Forever21 in ID? rude.

I love the city of LA, but I feel small-terribly insignificant and small while being here. Not that in Idaho I am the big wolf on campus-but things in Idaho seem a bit clearer and my life seems to have importance (I sometimes forget that here…). I enter Los Angeles and feel undressed, overweight and uncool. I do love the culture and the ability to acquire diverse cheeses within 5 minutes from my house. I like the weather-oh! You sweet calm and considerate summer sun of LA-I LOVE YOU! I like In & OUT-ok in&out likes me, lets get serious here. I LOVE seeing my family, and being 20 minutes from a good show. I love being so close to fashion central, and having soo many amazing distributors of fabrics and trims. I love the great location, I love the accessibility to creative minds, I just miss the quiet of ID.

I NEED: a city that encompasses the wonderful things about these two places. Not remote like rexi, but smaller than LA. Somewhere where my children can bloom, and feel ok to be themselves. Does someone know where this place is?


Hidden Treasure Thrifting

posted on: Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My favorite favorite thrift store in the state of Idaho is called HIDDEN TREASURES.
There is a warehouse & actual store and has a amazingly diverse inventory,
gorgeous furniture to beautiful aprons. If you are in the area I would head over asap!

Its located south of IF in a little town called Shelley, check it out.

B is for bumpfree

posted on: Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today I went to the Dr. who removed my large tumor in my wrist, remember this one?

Well he told me that after this happened...

The pathologist then diagnosed me with a malignant nerve sheath cancerous tumor. But my doctor said to get a second opinion. He sent it off to harvard for another opinion and it was declared benign. My doctor has no idea why this kind of tumor was in my wrist, he was confused why it was so deep into my wrist and had no idea of the cause. He said he has never seen a tumor like this in a wrist. I KNOW that the hand of God was in this. This radiologist sees and accesses tumors daily, and i don;t think its just random that the test came up negitive the second time. The prayers and faith of the people around me I know helped with this diagnosis and I am so happy that this lightening bolt scar is the last of this ordeal I will need to worry about. (sans the tumor in the foot...im sure its fine! cross my fingers!)


and my harry potter scar.


Jennie Moss 

Gratitude: My Heart overflows with love

posted on: Monday, August 1, 2011

Ok. We are all thinking it- this last year has been CRAZY with surprise cancer, surprise tumors, surprise TSH levels. 
Its been crazy-but to be honest- Its been my favorite year ever.
I feel so happy. BLESSED. supported. grateful. overwhelmed. creative. full of JOY. And there are some really great things to thank for all these warm fuzzies.

1. being able to be sealed to my family & my aaron for time and for all eternity. It has given me such a strength when the odds weren't in my favor, I know I can always be with them. We have all be sealed together in the temple of God, and I couldn't be more happy to be connected to them for forever.

2. My favorite boyfriend ever. Favorite friend ever. Favorite cook ever. Favorite doctor ever. Favorite future FBI agent ever. Favorite road trip buddy. Favorite scriptural scholar ever. Favorite Favorite ever.

also i liked when he became my favorite husband ever. oh you angel hubster.

3. I am still here. I am here on this earth and I get to live each day and be happy! I get to gab with my mom on the phone, play with my fam, crafty craft craft, cook amazing creations with ar, get to play with cuddle boo boo babies, I get to style my hair pretty and get it destroyed in the rain. I am soo thankful I am here.

4. My friends are so supportive. This year has been so nice to have friends who call me, and are patient with my return phone calls ( i have phone anxiety.... ) I have friends who send me love packages and make me feel special even though I am not feeling well. I am so grateful for my sweet friends who support me and love me even though I sometimes don;t shower. thank you so much.

Thank you people & thank you Heavenly Father for making this year amazing. I love my life because of you.

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