Friends, Pizza Bombs and Nuptials

posted on: Sunday, October 23, 2011

This awesome amazing weekend has included some amazing food, friends & just awesomeness.
the peeps below-support our rehearsals {kelsey, bailey, Aaron}

this is our cast singing some
good jams from the Drowsy Chaperone.

these peeps got together and watched a fabulous piece {drowsy bootleg}
Oh and speed scrabbled it up!

My LOVELY friends Courtney Rosemeyer & Ryan Whitear got signed, SEALED, & delivered.

I hung out with the beautiful Merrie, and shot some of my new headpieces.

We ventured to Big J's in Snt. Anthony and this is what we saw on the way home. 
You are alright Rexburg, you are alright. :)


Why I feel for Liz Lemon

posted on: Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Humans!
I have been sickville this week which means any down time
I have been spending on the couch watching 30rock(p.s. there hasn't been much downtime...)
After rehearsal for my favorite thing ever (being in drowsy chap)
I usually soak my feet and watch a little 30rock.
i realized something
Liz Lemon/Kenneth/the creepy cat lady who loves liz.

Let me explain.
I am awkward (liz),
 and sometimes weird (kenneth)
often creepy (weird cat lady).

Liz moments:
Liz wears a bra she keeps together with tape.
I wear uggs from 9th grade swim team (even though i have 2 other pairs)
even though they have a HUGE hole in them,
so i put masking tape inside them to keep the constant
precipitation out, but it doesn't work.
I have to keep re-taping.

Liz buys herself a wedding dress because it on sale.
I buy vintage clothes that are six sizes too small because I think one day one day.....
i don't know if liz will find love, but i am really unsure about dropping
six sizes........

she had her bad days

my senior pictures were unavailable 
so I thought to include a picture of my attractive 
sixth grade

& tenth grade too.

this is what turned out to liz/tina

                                                   {i'm crossing my fingers....}


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