Merry Christmas from Kirtland Ohio

posted on: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello Lovelies! 
Here are some pictures from our
Christmas experience
in Kirtland, Ohio with Aaron Daniel's

{tree here! love the lights!}

{the happy couple- Married one year!}

{little daphne-she is the cutest muffin i know!}

{our presents!}

{Daphne helping everyone open their presents! haha!}

{Ar holding daphne's new church shoes. she loved them!}

{jkj & allan just enjoying watching miss daphne opening presents!}

{Tace bell dreams do come true! #lifetimesupplyofmildsaucesaysiloveu}

{rae doing what she does best #phototime}

{crying bc of my sweet aaron's gift}

{stockings & poinsettias for christmas!}


{aaron with little cindyloowho! Daphne's special hair done by from Grandma... :) }

What a wonderful Christmas Season.
Grateful to be with the Moss Family here & 
miss/love my Jacksons in California.

Jennie Moss

{Yaaaaaaaaaay= Jacksons/Moss Family together!}

Step aside Tom Cruise

posted on: Monday, December 26, 2011

Today I made a choice to have less anxiety in my life....

NO MORE action movies!

I say that because I had the absolute worst migraine today
and I honestly think it was because I watched
Mission Impossible 4.

Ok, maybe you are laughing,
 but seriously the new one made me soooo tense!
If you have seen it, you will know there was a lot of super super
scary and stressful things happening in that movie. I swear he fell down everything he walked on.
He should have died multiple times & it was awful watching him get thrashed.
I had to remind myself to breath a couple times while watching it,
and I walked out with little to no fingernails. 

Do you get anxious during intense movies?
I do.
So I decided, NO MORE.
I will watch fun/light movies from now on. 
I am stll going to be a good person if I cut
 the borne identity/mission impossible movies out of my life.
I think society will still accept me.

I am going to stick to these movies, cause i am cool with a no migraine life!

{ my favorite: little women }

and none for gretchen wieners /she doesn't even go here!

amy adams, denise richards, Kirsten Dunst & my girl Brittany Murphy

Chick flicks & funny movies will be my
 perscribed entertainment from now on,
I promise! 
(need to convince aaron now....)


2011: fantastic year

posted on: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 0 1 1 

Christmas Break in California

We got to celebrate Aaron's best friend from childhood's wedding, and it was a PARTY.

Moss Family Newlywed Shower!
At Jen & Teague's!

THSM reunion.

Savior of the World with my girls!
We performed in the BYUI center-amazing show!

Vocal Union came to support me! love them!

spring break dinner {when I got hives}

{helped with the boredom during the recoop during the
3 surgeries I had during the summer....}

Thyroid Cancer BEAT/removed #2
With Brad, Jason, Laurn, & jon, they brought Clarissa some presents.....

The Hansen girls. fun to be in the temple with all of my lovely family!

June Vacay with Grandma/ Grandpa

Aaron & Daddio being handsome at the Temple.

Ricky, Rachelle, Lolo (preggers with Ellie) , ar, carter & I
at snake bite! 

Saltzy, Langy & Lex got married. 
It was the year for our mission & weddings!!

Got my huge mass removed & avoided amputation of fingers!

Aaron & I at the Drowsy Chaperone

Christmas dinner with our friends from BYUI.
{Jason, T'jae, Al, Ar, Austin, Kenz,
Jon, me, Han, Mel, & jade}

Family at Drowsy Chaperone

Family at Grandma Meredith's Funeral. 
Rough day.

Shopping in IF with the Fam
Hannah & Bays

Little Bike ride in Kirtland

End of the year at the Moss Family's Home 
in Kirtland (my niece Daphne)

An amazing first year of Marriage & I can't wait for
2012- Graduation! Whoooooooot!

Here's to another incredible year.

Wedding: One year of Happy Life

posted on: Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I married the man of the century!

Aaron Daniel Moss.

We got sealed in the Los Angeles, California Temple 
at 11:00 am. 

{family-minus elder john jackson}


{cute husband}

{my fave-aaron was making me die laughing 
all day, saying the funniest thing-
very typical....}

{jane austen}


{the buddy at the wedding}

{cute-he is so cute}

{the cutie seat signs/calligraphy}

{tables/centerpieces: tina   flowers: Maureen Swenson }

{cool table shot, poloroids & best cake ever}




{it was a party, to say the least}


{get to be with Aaron for Eternity...yesss!}

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