24 Hour Getaway

posted on: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get away? Sure everyone needs one.
Aaron and I have seen eachother 
very rarely the last two weeks and needed a long
long long drive to talk & love eachother.
So we very spontaneously went with our friends 
on a little couples weekend.
We drove down and I was super stressed aboutschool & some other stuff,
So Aaron and I danced and sang the WHOLE way to Utah.
Aaron is one of those people you love
when you first meet him, but he just keeps getting better & better.

Our first stop in Utah was H&M.
Some amazing items were purchased
by Han, Kenz & I
then we went to this MARVELOUS marvelous MARVELOUS
eating establishment.

I had the chicken (marsala?) I think.
Wowsers. divine.

we hit up the car dealership for Han & Jakes trade in.
{they didn't find one}
But we did enjoy some wonderful cocoa there,
and some great negotiating. {done by jakel}

then we hit ANTHRO.
and this fabulous lighting fixture was there. WOW.

Loved this bedding. Kenz & I are going to make those pillows in the back.

Han found some dishtowels with owls. obvi.

this is my cute husb.

the pillow we are going to make.

Kenz & Austy pants

after Tucanos. AMAZING Brazilian BBQ for lunch.
we had so much food our stomach were full till the next morning.

After some shopping.
found some amazing sales :)

Austin found a friend on our trip.

Our cute boys. {Where is Jake?}

great trip with these beautiful girls.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful weekend.
Love getting away.

Life tips: from us to you

posted on: Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is what happens when you forget 
Dr. Pepper 10 in your trunk, when its on sale at wally world.
# F A I L

 People that have feet in their fake middrift top
baby shower cake are creeps. 

Sometimes you think that hospital caps are
sexy. {they actually are}

Pleather, fishnet gloves, greasy blonde hair & red lipstick 
looks like this {always}

Don't make fun of something when you 
have short term memory lose.
Cause then you may later find an old picture of yourself
in the exact item you were poking fun of.

Hope this has helped in your
journey of becoming a better human being.

Jennie Moss

{ the sexy one in the sweater & hospital cap }

Keeping warm with our friends

posted on: Friday, February 17, 2012

Me & Quinn cuddling and watching thomas. this is HAPPINESS. 
he calls me brother moss, and says he luhvs me. yes.

Primary Valentine Party!
They felt really weird about Pooh being a pinata.
It was just wrong hitting the character they loved so much!
Very cute kids {and you can see the cutie decor in the back-thanks CLAIRE!}
ps. i love my ward /kids. Its such a blast to hang out with 
our amazing ward peeps!

Us cuties after Girls night with kenz, han, liza & Lauren.
We had ribs at Famous daves & went to TJMAX. obvi.
 I got some new dishes {dont tell aaron.}

Jennie Moss

this is me avoiding the CREEPY pig at Daves. 
I am terrified of people in animal costumes, and everytime he came
over to the table-I thought I was going to throw up.

Our first kiss.

posted on: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hello lovelies.
I wanted to share a LOVE story
for valentines, its funny and cute I think.

funny story about our first kiss:
Aaron started walking me home every night after we would hang out,
and the night before I was leaving for thanksgiving break he
walked me home and I knew the kiss was coming.

We walked up to the door and chatted and flirted,
he put his forehead against mine and we hugged for a bit,
then he pulled his head back AND.....

the door next to us FLUNG open
and his roommate came out, aaron quickly jumped back from me,
and then SHOOK MY HAND and said see ya!
He took with his roommate and left me there.

I couldn;t believe it.
I was so mad it was unreal,
I went inside and screamed, and told the roomies the whole story.
We talked for an hour,
and then I got a text from him.
A: "sorry for the awkward goodbye"
J: "you should be" (im such a brat...hahah)
A; "yeah, I am"
J: "you can make it up to me, meet me outside by the rocks. Right now"

I stood by the rocks and watched him walk toward me,
I was overwhelmingly scared/stressed/excited/nervy.

He put his arms around me,
and kissed me so sweet!!! 
Then he said "I have been wanting to do that for so long."
The snow slowly fell as we had our first sweet kiss.

After walking back and getting into my bed,
I prayed that I could marry aaron moss one day.

So happy to say that prayer came true.
BEST ever. 

Love always,
Jennie Moss

p.s. did you have a cute first kiss?
p.p.s. Check me out on........ MRS.DTF

Medical days are the most fun

posted on: Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am happy to be home from the doctor today. So so happy.
Ever since I was little I have HATED the doctor. I also hated medicine.
We had some floor heaters in my old house (lived there from one to six), 
and I used to throw all my medicine down the heater. 
Right before we moved my dad opened the heater up to clean it
and found all colors of vitamins and pills 
that I had thrown down there. He said it was QUITE a surprise.
I had to go get some tests done today, because my doctor thinks I am
Insulin resistant.
{ Pre-Diabetes }
Scary? yeah sure. But I was more scared of all the blood they wanted to take today.
I geared myself up for the whole poking thing,
but I didn't gear up for what did end up happening.

The nurse stuck the port into my arm, so they could draw blood every half hour,
and FORGOT to hold the end, when she hit the vein. 
She stuck the port in, and walked away as blood is pooling on my arm 
and GUSHING out my veins. I feel the color going out of my face,
and nausea hits REALLY strong.
I looked up wanting her to see I am bleeding profusly,
and her supervisor sees and runs over to stop the blood.
I hear "OH MY GOSH" as the supervisor is trying to mop the blood off my arm.
and I ask for a waste backet, 
because I knew that I was going to puke everywhere.
Thank goodness they laid me down on a hospital bed and let me 
recoop with a little rest until they drew more blood.
I overheard the nurse saying,"it was my first time"
which made me feel even better about the whole thing. ha ha.

thank goodness my husband read "the help"
to me until I fell asleep, and they bundled me in a blanket and put a heater
right next to my bed. 
still mixed feelings about the doctor.

good times, and well played mr. doctor.
Jennie Moss

Birthday Boy: Elder John Jackson

posted on: Thursday, February 2, 2012

My dearest Brother Elder JuJu,

I miss you so terribly, but there is no room for missing when its
I am so happy you were born,
from dressing up & putting on plays, 
to blasting ashley simpson and laughing at the the STUPID lyrics
I have cherished our friendship & loved being your sissy.
I remember ever since we were little you
have always taken care of me. 
Making me breakfast every week before one saturday morning.
Taking care of me when i have been sick or sad.
You have always been there to cheer me up & go on adventures with me.
I will always be grateful for our friendship
for your endless talents and encouragement to pursue my dreams.
John! You are the best of the best.
So jealous that the Philippine people can have you right now.
But cant wait for August 2012!

{this is john and I cuddling in his crib, I think we are doing eskimo kisses}

{Jules & I at Crazy for you 2006 @ BYUI}

{Disneyland with my two favorite boys 2007}

{two nights before I left on the mission 2008,
 looks like john & whit are holding hands..hahaha}

{right before he left for the MTC. 2010 I miss that kid alot. and those eyebrows.}

Jennie Moss

One day I was missing John terribly and
I received a wall post that same day from a girl I knew from 
my mission in Houston, Texas.
She met my brother in a small town in the Philippines where he was
serving and where she was visiting family.
She visited with him, and they took this picture.
Even when you feel soo soo far away from someone you love,
the Lord always provides a way for you 
to feel connected to them.

{Philippines 2011}

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