DIY: Menswear to Pussy Bow Anthro Shirt

posted on: Sunday, March 25, 2012

This DIY is going to have three versions
the first is EASY tutorial.

I was being silly in this picture and it turned out to be the best one lighting wise. :)
hope you lovvvvvve it.

 1. Cut off the collar {just do it}

2. pin up the sides and sew then up to the sleeves. 
It will give you the sexy tailored look you want.

3. Then cut two or three 12 inch strips of another fabric and sew the pieces
to create a LONG line of fabric.

4. Fold the strip in half and sew it up equally down the whole strip.

5. Turn the inside out tube, to its right side.
Then sew up the ends.

6. Cut the collar down underneath the first two buttons of the button up. 
Then cut the shirt equally on the other side.

7. Glue the ironed tube to the inside of the collar,
then fold it in half and topstitch it on the other side.

8. see how the tube is folded over the cut collar, and topstitched to the bottom of the collar.

9. Then you are done!!

If you have any questions or need ideas for fabrics to use let me know!
Enjoy sewing and looking spicy!


DIY: Lovely Lace sweater

posted on: Saturday, March 24, 2012

Level: EASY {like yo baby niece/nephew could pull this off}

here is my cutie mom-
she took that lace trim and followed the edge of her
H&M sweater and made an adorable & affordable classy look!

I got this sweater vintage {it was HUGE}
and tailored it better & thought it needed some pizazzzzzz.

All you need for this tutorial:

Glue gun/ craft glue {fabrictac-the rest is AWFUL}
One cutie but plain sweater thrifted or a cheap one {target, H&M, foreves, vintage}
Trim- I always check craft boxes at vintage/thrift shops 
& have lace coming out of my ears for cheap because of it.....

So I took some lace {vintage}
and glued while following the button placet & went a quarter of an inch 
around the collar & the other side.
Easiest embellishment ever.

you have a cutie & embellished sweater.
what more could you want?


Husbands are the best kind of Friends

posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

Today I felt pretty icky when I got up
and so sweet Aaron decided to create a special and perfect day.
We had a yummy lunch,
went to Idaho Falls, {window} shopped,
thrifted, had a yummmers dinner at our fave spot,
and had a couple really tender moments.

garcias. yum yum yum.

and this is one of my fave fave favvvve
places in ammon, ID.
Its clear, beautiful & has amazing sunsets.

shirt: H&M  pants: true religion  boots: banana republic

the wife {Jennie Moss}

Being Brave: Answering personal Questions

posted on: Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am answering many questions 
I have been emailed lately,
and I will be honest and probably a little silly.

1. My Bucket List:

-Have a Family, adopt children
-Sing as a soloist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
- Serve and help in Africa, Ecuador and China
-Design a fashion line
-sing with my love, Kristen Chenoweth
-Vacation with Aaron across the country to find amazingly cool vintage stores
-At least one Senior mission with Aaron
- Record a Christmas CD
-Learn how to play piano after my wrist has healed.
-visit Brazil & Houston

2. You have mentioned cancer, what kind did you have? and when

I had Thyroid cancer, twice.
I was serving a Full time mission {for my Church} in Houston, Texas
and through a series of VERY blessed and lucky events I found a large cold nodule in my thyroid.
 I needed surgery to remove it immediately, and had it done at 
M.D. Anderson in Houston.

I look soo cute don't I? :)

The second time I started feeling similar symptoms as the first time.
I felt tired, gained alot of pounds and felt myself slow down.
I  talked to mulitple doctors and made the 
decision to take the whole thyroid out. 
It was a really really tough surgery to recover from.
It took weeks of sleeping & Hydrocodone 
to feel better, but then they found a couple more lumps so I had a
foot surgery and wrist surgery to remove the masses they found.
I have been cancer free for 10 months.
I feel very blessed.

3. Why did I choose to serve a mission for the Mormon Church?

Well first of all our official name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.
We believe in Jesus Christ. We love Him, and are grateful each day for the sacrifice He made
on our behalf. I developed a faith in this through reading the Bible, The Book of Mormon,
and by praying and asking God if those things were true.
I decided to go and share these things with others, because it makes me happy,
fulfilled, and hopeful.
I will never ever regret the choice to serve for a year and a half
in Houston, not only to share the gospel with others,
but also the doctors in Houston found the cancer in my thyroid and removed it
before it became a bigger problem. I am SO thankful for my time there!!

4. Why do you blog?

I have anxiety to the MAX.
I have found that when I blog my anxiety lessens,
and I am able to break down and express my thoughts.
Honestly I am very grateful for the support and
comments from you all, it makes me feel fortified and happy.

Jennie Moss

2 YEARS since Houston.

posted on: Friday, March 9, 2012

Two years ago today,
I returned home from serving an LDS mission in Houston, Texas.
I went for a year and a half to teach other about the 
happiness I had found for myself, 
and found some of the MOST amazing friends and people
that I had ever encountered!
Here are some of them, and some memories I have from this
wonderful & life changing experience.

This little girl's name was Danisha, I love her so much and miss her
tender tender hugs.

This is Adeline, Sister Yang and I would go visit with her, Miss Mary, Rosemary,
and a few other women every tuesday. 
We would sing, talk, listen and learn from these amazing women.
Adeline would struggle to tell us she loved us everytime.
I treasure the hours I got to spend with them.

Beulah allen. one of the kindest souls that exists.

my little brothers and sisters visiting when i had my surgery.
they were making fun of me when i couldn't open one of my eyes, becuase of all the drugs I was on.
Apparently I told them I was a dinosaur.

This is the Mills Family. They were the first family I met when i went to Houston.
We knocked on their door and had no idea we would meet such 
amazing kids & a strong mother. Aretha was always in and out of the hospital,
but she made time for her family and for reading the scriptures.
I love them, and I love being their sissy.

my sisters, who ended up being some of my best friends. Not only are they BEAUTIFUL
but they were huge examples to me.
I love them forever.

they pushed my head into the cake.
I thought it was weird i had two was their plan from the beginning.

Our favorite group of kids ever.
they screamed in joy when they saw us.

My aimee. One of my closest friends from the mission,
she is talented, beautiful and FUNNY!
I love this girl. lovelovelove.

The Graef's are some of the FUNNIEST
people I have ever met. Every memory with their family includes
uncontrollable laughter and very deep spiritual conversations.
Seeing their conversion was one of the best experiences of my life. hands down.

Sherry Still & Sister Tucker.
Sherry was always alway always willing to help. 
She came to teach with me in every area I served in.
She is such an outgoing & fun person, but also very reliable and smart.
I am thankful for her everyday.

two of my best friends LIVED in my mission
boundaries. I loved seeing them, and inviting them to participate
in musical firsides to share their AMAZING talents,
{ryan saved the fireside...twice}
I love them, and I know them being there helped me be a better missionary.

my two dear dear friends President and Sister Saylin.
This is when they came to visit me after thyroid cancer #1,
president is making fun of me for not lifting my neck. :):)
He also recorded me on drugs in the hopsital.
VERY funny very very funny message he had me record.
I can't wait to live three hours away from them!

My sista Pope!
We ate alot of yummy food {racoon, mcdonalds, chili fries, fried chicken}
sang like crazy, made up raps & harmonies,
became best friends and met some of the greatest people on EARTH.

Some of the strongest converts/missionaries I have ever met.

These are five of my companions! 
I loved being able to celebrate Christmas with them,
I love and miss them like crazy.

I miss this place, and have a MILLION more pictures and memories,
but for now--I LOVE YOU HOUSTON.

Sister Jackson

The biggest Apple of them all.

posted on: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We are stoked out of our mind for our
couples trip to NYC {for a class}
with these girls

and these amazing boys

Eight shows in Six days. yes yes yessss.

All the Food, that glorious Food!

excited for best shopping ever.
big H&M, big forever
canal street, soho
& 5th avenue

stop it, I'm drooling.
Can't wait for a week of bliss.

Any new york suggestions? 
I wanna do it all!

Love your little traveler,

Jennie Moss

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