Updates on life & Vacay!

posted on: Sunday, April 29, 2012

Went to NYC
saw our friends niko, kaitlyn, and caught up with fambam allan, jenna & kevin!

then we headed to LA for some major family time.

{camped at the king river & water rafted!}
sewing with this cute girl
Dodgers with these two hotties
 celebrated aaron's birthday with
thrifting, yummy breakfest, going shooting, krispy kremes and then dinner at Yang Chow!

now we are heading up to Playmill
to start rehearsing for three fantastic shows this summer!
Can't wait!

Jennie Moss

Inspired: Outfit & Mom's Backyard

posted on: Sunday, April 22, 2012

dearest lovelies,

When i sit in my mommy's backyard I feel so happy,
calm, peaceful, all that good stuff.
My fave is the flowers and the fantastic vintage bike that
she put next to the vegetable garden. so cute.

{top: Banana Republic,  Pants: Zara,  Shoes: Steve Madden 
Necklace: Gma's  & Headband: Jennie Moss}

 We found some FANTASTIC
stores and items down here,
I have been trying so hard to get ar bear
to buy some sperrys-but he says shoes shouldn't cost that much....
so- I WAS STOKED when we saw NEW sperrys at this
cutie little shop. oh my five dollars.
Also that mirror matches one I already have. so so stoked.

I am enjoying so much family time.
so so much.

Jennie Moss

Places: NYC biggest attractions

posted on: Thursday, April 19, 2012

1. Statue of Liberty
Even though it may seem goofy- SEE THIS.
The people who are tour guides here take their jobs really really
seriously. They were explaining how the immigrants felt as they saw the statue
it was amazing & amazingly dramatic. 
loved it.
tip: get your ticket before so you can get in line immediately
and just go {and if you get queasy-take motion sickness pills before-wish I had}

2. Lincoln Center
See a show here- check out the gorgeous fountain.
Soak it all up.
I saw Macbeth and it was fantastic, I loved being in the
lincoln center atmosphere. We also saw war horse, and honestly I haven't
cried so hard in a long time. It was the most intricate puppetry I have ever experience.
All I can say is wow. It was a wow.

3. Go see a show with a big time star/ one of your idols.
Its worth the cash, its worth the time waiting at the stage door &
its worth your dignity as a person to be all giddy to meet someone you love/adore.

4. Take goofy subway pics
they just look cool.

5. visit 30rock
If you are like me, and go weak in the knees when it comes to
Tina Fey, kenneth & alec Baldwin... go see the 30 rock building.
I felt jipped that tina didn't come out to greet me,
but I was supes excited to be were they do external shots.

flat iron building
brooklyn bridge
empire state building
ground zero
wall street 
saint patricks cathedral

all worth it too....

be the tourist, you have always wanted to be.
jennie moss

Places: NYC Eats

posted on: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1. Bubbys $$$
This is a beautiful little spot in tribeca that has you wanting brunch in a really bad way.
Their strawberry lemonade was to die for and the sauteed banana pancakes-
tre tre chic {as well as tasty.}
We all ordered fantastic items, and loved the cute mismatched frames on the
wall, as well as the exposed brick and beautiful crowd of people.
best meal of NYC. easily.

2. Shake Shack $
This simple burger, fries and shake combo is the meal that will make you
say WOW. over and over and over.
The burger was unreal, all the ingredients fresh, and the meat {TASTY}
the shakes were unreal- and coming from someone who is a bit
biased toward in & out- I thought shake shack took the cake for best burger ever.
you will be wanting more after your meal is done.

3. Meatball Shop $$
My best friend niko met up with us, and told us about this cutie 
place close to his apt. It was divine. There was quite a wait, but so worth it.
I got veggie meatballs with parm sauce & steamed veggies. 
Every bite was yummy. It wasn't too pricey, and was definitely worth every penny we paid.
go there asap.

{no I didn't eat my bread, gave it to husband....}

4. Stand4 $$
Union square is frequented often due to the fame of this cute little
toasted Marshmallow shake. I got a small nutella one and they both tasted amazing!
We also had burgers {I had a salad} from Stand4 and they tasted fantastic.
The feel to the restraunt is wonderful and you just wanna go be a hipster after you leave.
loved it. hit it up.

5. Nanoosh $
The most Fantastic mediterranean food.
I had a hummus bowl with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts & feta- was totally impressed.
Its very fresh and has a new age feel to the inside. You will love it.

Jennie Moss

Places: NYC shopping

posted on: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1. Zara
{one by the lincoln center, Soho, and 5th avenue}

These styles are chic, affordable and fit perfectly.
I was so pleased, every time I went into a new zara they had a little
bit of a different inventory. amazing.

[THIS ombre dress was one of my faves from their new collection]

 2. Reiss in Soho

kiki tried on and LOVED this dress. bomb diggity.

3. Madewell in soho

[coveted this bag. want it so much]

[kiki looking bomb in the blazer of a lifetime]

4. Topshop

topshop for me was a hit or miss. I am a tradish girl, and some of their
items were REALLY trendy. I am totally in love with their shoe collection and
their bags. Need good accessories? Look no further.

5. Michael Kors
fifth avenue or soho locations

[kiki bought this gorgeous cognac bag with gold details]

we loved every bag and are CRAZY about michael kors this season.
You will not be disappointed if you go into this chic shop looking for accessories.

second hand stores to check out:

Brooklyn Flea Market
Vice Versa
Stella Dallas
Buffalo Exchange {2 locations}
Second time around

Good Luck!
If you stick to Soho- you can NEVER go wrong.
Jennie Moss

tune in tommorow
for GOOD EATS: nyc tips

NYC teaser

posted on: Monday, April 16, 2012

I have so much to tell you all.
Here is a little taster of what happened this week.
Laughing, subways, leopard print, michael kors, and a whole lotta livin.

today we are driving to home,
but tune in this week to posts about FANTASTIC places in NYC.
shopping, eating, living, breathing...etc.

Jennie Moss


posted on: Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well. It happened.

MER! we starred in "crazy for you" together!
love her forever. and her cute preg belly

parentals! {they are sooo hot!}

Now, we are going to celebrate in the big apple. I feel so so blessed to be done with this chapter and
excited to start another. Can't wait.

Jennie moss

Sabbath thoughts: Conference & Forgiveness

posted on: Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today is the second day of General Conference
for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I have written down some amazing quotes and whipped these puppies up,
to remember some of the lessons that we taught.

Happy sunday,
I promise to try and be a better person everyday.
Can't wait for the next session in 30 minutes!

Jennie Moss

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