FOUR days till we OPEN!

posted on: Monday, May 21, 2012

dearest lovelies,
My life has consisted of two things the last three weeks
rehearsals & sleeping.
We have been on hyper drive to get this show running
 {and have even worked on the next show too!}
Projects, lights, costumes, power bars, dancing, stinky feet, powerade, and laughing
has gotten us through alot of rehearsing and tech. We are having the time of our lives!
I love my cast. I am so happy & sleepy too!

This is us at nine in the morning, but it was rough.
Clint isn't smiling, jack's hurr isn't done and addy is OVERzealous...

just stretching...

our new friendsies the welches & bailee

My latest project in the theater:
this railing. its been my Sistine chapel, but we have defeated it!
I have sewed alot as well, painted, & tried to stay as healthy as I can...

We open drowsy on friday and couldn't be more excited!
The dances are great, the acting is hilarious & the singers are FAB.
oh and the preshow/variety show is hilarious.
Oh and I have met the cutest little chinese people the last couple days 
and it reminds me of my sweet companion sister yang! Three girls tonight were from
Taiwan too! I shared my three sentences of chinese I know. yay.
I love this job & town.

Jennie Moss

p.s. this is us having a little stripe party with aaron moss {our technician spectacular}
we {bree bree and I} love aaron moss

life is still life with depression and other news.

posted on: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have been trying to deal with some depression and anxiety
that seems to be coming more and more lately, and I found that when I 'dress up'
and get on some makeup- I start feeling a little better.
I still struggle getting out of bed
That may sounds silly, but I am trying to 'deal' by doing little things
to find joy in the experience of living with depresh {depression is too long to write out! haha}

Any of you readers have depression or anxiety?
What do you do to deal?
I have being eating well, working out, taking my meds, 
doing some essential oils, trying to do one 'me' thing everyday....
and turns out it is still hard.

what do you do? any suggestions will be appreciated for realzzzzzzzzz.

so hope you are having an amazing week, and send out any good suggestions you have!
Jennie Moss

Family is the best peeps in the world!

posted on: Sunday, May 13, 2012

for her:
my mommy, my bestie, my numba one fan

 my grandma, i miss her everyday
and I can't wait to see her again! I am grateful for her life.

for him:
Juju Bear {john my brother on the mission}
called me from the phillipines.
We laughed and cried {mostly me crying}

Guys, today is such an amazing day to remember family and love all their
special and fantastic qualities! I am a grateful girl!!

Jennie Moss

I am going to fall asleep with a smile you put on my face.

Updates on life!

posted on: Saturday, May 12, 2012

what I am up to?

dancing through life {my cast and I warming up our bodies}
some monkey business
 being as regal as possible. don't mind my no makeup/nast hair
brides, and i am pushing out my tum tum for some reason.

jennie moss

Playing Games: Playmill Sundays

posted on: Sunday, May 6, 2012

We decided to play some games after 
our potluck today at the boys house. It was so terribly fun 
I can;t even believe how funny this cast is.

 concentrating really hard to get paul's attention

There was much laughter, and even more loud noises. 
We played sherades, playground diss & some other cool games.
Obvi we are having the best time.

love foreves,
Jennie Moss

p.s. i got a rando bloody nose- here is my sessy mug.


posted on: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today I am one grateful girl. 
I have been cancer free for one year,
and I am so incredibly grateful to be without icky cancer
and to have such a wonderful support system.
I know this is a blessing,
many people are touched by cancer in negative ways-
and I am thankful it has given me perspective to be
grateful for every second of everyday.

One of the reasons I am grateful for life
is the sweet love I have with Aaron. 
He is an amazing friend, and teaches me how to be better everyday.
I am thankful for him so much.

Today I started at the playmill theater,
an amazing summer theater in west yellowstone.
Its one of the things on my bucket list {top ten}
I am excited to learn, grow, perform and bring joy while sharing music.

I am grateful for my family,
my amazing amazing mom, daddy, brother and sweet sister.
I love them and couldn't be happier to be a jackson.

I am grateful for my inlaws.
the moss' fam and mills are the best.
I felt welcome from the start.

I love the Lord, and my heavenly Father.
Without them I would be lost.

Thank you for supporting me. I am grateful for you too.
I love living.

jennie moss

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