25th Birthday Banaza

posted on: Saturday, June 23, 2012

First of all I had a FANTASTIC birthday.
Thanks to my playmill friends and my sweet husband I enjoyed quite the perfect day.
We first went to lunch to my fave place in West yellie.
Aaron got me a new lens for my Canon, and I was so fun to test out my new lens.
Then we had an amazing surprise picnic with the BEST cake, and the yummiest taco salad,
then we had a heck of a two show night. We were slap happy and exhausted when we finished
and I may have laughed so hard at my inside out dress that I cried.
Basically it was wonderful and I felt special to the max. Thanks to my amazing friends. <3

Jennie Moss

This is how I looked at the end of the day. 
After two rehearsals, lunch date, surprise picnic in the park with my cast,
getting ready, and then two shows, a inside out dress & a rolled ankle.

Lets go fly a kite! Up to the highest height!

posted on: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our new favorites {the larsens} were in town
so we celebrated with some major bonding and time at the park.
Their little boo boo charlotte {chacha!} is absolutely adorable and we became
instant bestest friends. I want to have a baby just like her, she was so smart and intuitive!
I sure love that girl. Her mommy & daddy are wonderful too. :)

 breezy and little char
 me and brother landon {brother from another mother}
{my little snickerdoodle}
us sporting some cutie bows {mine via Kaitlyner and hers via}

 eating some lunchy on our picnic
bre & ar flying kites!
 aaron rescuing the mermaid kite from the tree

We sure do love a day in the park with friends!
We have had some beautiful weather up here in west and we are trying to soak it all up...
Only one week left of rehearsals-then we open Annie get your gun and all our shows are open!
Come see our productions & laugh your head off-
I know I do every night.

I have been making a ton of cool DIYs lately but haven't been able to post them 
due to our all day rehearsals/night performances. Will be MUCH better about that in July/August.

jennie moss

Play day for Playmill!

posted on: Friday, June 15, 2012

We have one day off in june for our employer's birthday,
so they took us all out to rexburg rapids and craigos!
It was just the cast, and what a fantastic cast it is!!
We lazy rivered it up, went into the "hot tub" and partied like it was 1999. Holla!
Don't mind how pasty we were... so so so white.

{the boys talking business (for hourssss)}

We hit up G's dairy and watched a little MIB3- which actually made me sincerely cry.
It was lovely to have my bailey with me again!!
We have spent too much time apart and I am happy we all got to play.

OH! we were recognized by some randoms at the theater-
they were like "are yall from the drowsy chaperone? you were fantastic."
It made us feel a little bit better about life...

Jennie Marie Moss

grateful: dates, weekends & mold

posted on: Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here is a cutie shot of Lando. My new brother/bestie.
He is the bro of my besties, and is to die for hilarious-for reals,
 Here are the cuties {bre and add}
after we got some major groceries & foodage.
Here is where we live and it is gorgeous!

This mold no longer lives in our house, but often likes to visit.
 These are the cutie boys and their hoods...
 this is bree bear. We were twinsies in mint, stripes and boots!
Lower is us with a bison! 
date night!!
are you jel of our mold?

jennie moss

Anything Goes OBC-the coolest

posted on: Friday, June 8, 2012


this is best ever. MADE MY DAY.
this is the cast I saw in nyc. amazing.

Jennie Moss

Places: Yellowstone Adventures

posted on: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I have been performing non-stop, eating a lot of broccoli and fresh raspberries,
we went into yellowstone, hung out with our friends
and had a great night getting pizza last night after an amazing show.

{bre and I snuggling}
 {sweet little lay on our nature walk}

 {funny little candid- of our fambam}
{our home}
 {our angel brian}
{us at the wagon wheel getting pizza and loving our free time}

two funny stories:
there was a little girl last week whom I became friends with before the show. She was two,
everytime I went onstage she would sit still and stare at me {soo cute}
and when I would walk offstage she would start bawling! soo cute.
After the show, she came up to me with her mommy and said "can I have two kisses?"
"you are now my best friend."
She kissed me and held me and gave me a BIG hug.
I love my job.

Last night this little girl had the cutest cheeks and BIG cutie glasses.
She was three and I loved her little pink sweatsuit she was snuggled into the whole night.
She and I chatted before the show, and when I came on for our opener number
she yelled "MOM that is my best friend Jennie!"
She waved at me for half the number untill I waved back.
She squeezed me at intermission and after the show and reminded me 
why kids are the BEST thing in the world.

Its been an awesome weekend/week.
Jennie Moss

meet clarissa

posted on: Tuesday, June 5, 2012

this is my friend clariss.

Jennie Moss

Places: Bozeman & Costco

posted on: Friday, June 1, 2012

A little outfit post for everyone.
I have had a super hard week, and very very busy.
We lost a dear friend to cancer and I thought about how much
her life changed mine. She was one of the most generous and kind people
I have ever known. People like her make me want to be kinder and gentler.
I am just happy for one thing, that families can be together forever.

{blouse: Zara, mint jeans: target, boots: Banana, socks: Zara, bracelet: Chan Luu}

 oh and we went to bozeman to get some groceries and some jimmy john's {obvi}
we hit up the costco and got some tasty tasty produce.

Then we headed home to the west yellie and enroute I felt a little sickie. 
so we got out of the car for a little air.
it obvi ended in a little photoshoot.

hope you are having a good week!
jennie moss

p.s. i wish this was my mom and I,
and I am sorry to say it is not. But still such a winner...

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