Ice cream date with my girlies!

posted on: Thursday, July 19, 2012

We have this western place called Buckaroo Bill's here in west.
 They give you 10x the amountof ice cream you could actually want/eat. 
We went with my summer camp girlies after
a group voice lesson I gave them, and it was sooo much fun!
We chatted about families, excess of ice cream and going to highschool,
they are down to earth and spiritually grounded. I LOVE THEM.

 my baby girl katie!!
my gorgeous and talented group!

Having fun & spending lots of time teaching which is my FAVE.
love always,
Jennie Moss

Living Colorfully: Weekend Edition

posted on: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Visions of the weekend:

Addie's work and his fantastic clay. Look for his work here.

a little doctor time, sometimes you get nasty skin cancer...
my special friend-brooklyn! we became official besties as of last week.
my campers of last week!
 husband at the targee creek trail for hannah's birthday!
a little tender walk with jake.
 our tasty treat-put all the fruits and chocolates you want, wrap in foil and put in fire!

hope you weekend wad filled with treats, no skin cancer,
fun talented friends, beautiful national parks, performing for apostles and not getting 
food poisoning.

jennie moss

A surprise guest at the Playmill: Richard G. Scott

posted on: Saturday, July 14, 2012

I was happily surprised when we were seating people and we saw a cute man that I knew very well!
Richard G. Scott, an apostle of the Lord came to the drowsy chaperone with his kids and grandkids.
We felt such a huge energy and special spirit while presenting our show to the audience that night. It is amazing how just being in the same room with someone who is a special witness for the savior can be an absolute life changer. We spoke with him after the show and he applauded our efforts to display the message of the drowsy chaperone and talked about "what fun" we must have had to learn and put it on stage every night. He told me that I was "very amusing and full of life" and that I brought him a lot of laughter through my rousing anthem. I was honored and felt completely privileged to perform for him, his family, and the fantastic audience that night. 

A little color shot!

Incredible night & experience.

A Family Affair

posted on: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A perfect day in Yellowstone with the family.

First stop: Running Bear for some yummy breakfest.
I had FANtastic hot chocolate that made me super sick {too much sugar}
and a yummers breakfast burrito!
If you go there- HIT UP THE PANCAKES. ohemgee

Second stop: The Yellowstone Park-
we spotted some bison, so we stopped along with a mill asian tourists
and had a fantastic little photoshoot.

 Third Stop: The Hot Pots
This is the coolest place, there are all these natural geysers,
that make gorgeous colors and some beautiful "mold mat"
--Hey! it looks like our apartment!

Third Stop: Ole Faithful Lodge
We had some FANTASTIC salads, sandwiches and aaron had a buffalo burger! haha
He loves those burgers so much, its so funny & ridiculous.
We also met up with our besties and had a little hangout sesh in the coolest Lodge in the world.

Love these peeps.

We ended the day with two shows of drowsy and had a FANTASTIC time 
with my amazing family.  I LOVED celebrating a late birthday and spending some
happy time enjoying the gorgeous scenery and the even better company!

Jennie Moss

We spent the day at the lake, and plan to do it daily. Don't be Jealie.

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