G is for Game night with the Welches

posted on: Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunday we played games with the fabulous welches and larsons!
We had to act out different people and guess who they were, some interpretations were very
"creative." Our sweet Lai yelled out "STORE" acting out "will smith"
we all scratched our heads, but then she yelled "smith's the grocery store?" hahaa. so funny & she is the cutest ever in existence. We all had a ball playing with chacha, mickey and alex's daughter,
she snuggled me, played with the markers and even danced a little on the fireplace!
We love being in their home, not only is it decorated by a champ, but there are art pieces
around the house that show how talented and creative they all are. I cannot
believe how much talent was pumped into one family. They have been a huge blessing from the summer, the only thing missing is meeting money. He will be home soon, then we can
all be together! P.s. I can't wait to show you the pics I took of melinda's projects. Divine.

                       cutest shot of melinda, wayne and lai! We love our fam!

 Aaron loves his chacha!

 brebee being a little tayswift impersonator
 miss mickey being a sweet angel and look at cha's face! hahaha!
 chacha just laughing like a muffin. She is dancing and being a sweetheart. 
Jennie Moss

10 things I love about this Utah Trip

posted on: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10.  Seeing my second family from the mission {my mission president's fam}
and surprising them at Church. It was amazing catching up and feeling like no time passed.
 9. All the sweetest babies I got to play with and love!
This angel boy Lou- Lewis who has got the face and heart of an angel!
Roman, who has sass and style for only being a year old.
He knows how to army crawl like a champ and has a tender little giggle.
Charlotte or ChaCha. I got to play with her twice and snuggle those sweet chub cheeks.
she is a smart with a strong and sweet personality. I love this girl...

8. Lagoon. Amazing day, amazing friends. and great rides.

 7. These two sweet angel boys, I love aarons witty banter and addy's sillyness with me,
so thankful to have them as my best boy friends.
 6. Aunt Hollie, she is actually addy's auntie-but we are sure close to family
Holly's got a great sense of humor, and says funny things like "you are embarrasing me"
--well everyone was thinking it, but holly has the heart to tell me.

5. This face and concentration. She is the cutest.

4. Seeing Whinnie after over two years. Do I love this girl? There are no words.
We ate, we hot tubbed, cuddled, watched shows, caught up and didn't stop hugging.
3. Outlets? uhm yes please.
Banana, Jcrew, Gap, Coach and we went to the new City Creek Mall. Fan. tas. tic.
2. Having a Vacay with this sweetest angel. Our favorite moments
are sitting around the table with our family and friends, the roadtrip and talking for hours,
and finding more reasons why we are not only husband and wife, but simply best friends.
 1. Having these amazing people as my friends. We have been through
crazy things this summer and have found solace in each other. I am grateful for them,
and love them so deeply. :)
Love always,
Jennie the night owl

Jackson's Take Yellowstone!

posted on: Saturday, August 25, 2012

My sweetest brother came home from 
his mission in the Philippines for two whole years!
I missed him like CRAZY and was so excited to hang out with
this cute boy and my wonderful parents! 
We went to the fire hole in yellowstone to swim, the we swam next to the geysers,
went to the lake, to rivers and quaint little place in MT.
So so so much fun to have them visit!

Love them most.
jennie moss

Places: Bozeman Day Trip

posted on: Sunday, August 19, 2012

We had to go get my medicine
so we got some thrifting, good food and fun in too!
We hit a place called "thrift store" and went to a fantastic garage sale
in the yard of a church. I got a $1 table! whoooooot.

 Instagraming obviously...
 my favorite human
Then it was a drowsy night!!
 Our friends came to visit us, it was so good to see them, and see Kels' preggo belly!!!

Love the thrifter,
Jennie Moss

The Dark Knight Rose

posted on: Friday, August 17, 2012

After a show of drowsy, we left to go to IF and see the greatest movie.
We ate our yummy buttered popcorn, shared some tasty DP and I bit all my nails 
{little anxious during the movie}
 We thought about it all night and couldn't stop talking about it
the next day. ALSO don't doubt that we had the whole theater to ourselves. 
BONUS of seeing a movie at eleven forty in IF.

 How we felt after the show was over. SO GOOD.
 all the empty seats.

Best movie I have seen this year. go see it. ohemgee. 

ICE CREAM date with the Welches

 These cute little husbands looking like champs, after eating some of the
BEST homemade ice-cream ever... so good.
Notice addy's cool bracelet wallet. {STYLISH}
 bre bee in her cutie vintage top. lovelove her.
husband and I consuming the best ice cream in the world.

Jennie Moss

Did you do this as a kid?

posted on: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When I was a little girl I journaled like mad. I would every couple months write a list
of things I loved, because I wanted to remember the silly things that made me happy at those different points of my life. So I have decided to do it here on my new journal frontier. Bear with me.

Jennie Facts:
Age: 25 and still alive
Favorite Food: Spagetti, Ranch with anything, and romaine lettuce with avocado.
Favorite show: 30 Rock, Arrested, & my guiltiest pleasure of pretty little liars
Fave thing to do: Hang out with my husband in nature! we love drives through yellowstone
and sitting next to the gorgeous scenery here. {except the buffalos are everywhere and kinda terrifying
because they are shedding their winter coats, thought that needed to be in there.}

Missing: My family, my sweetest brother who just got back from the mission. I miss him like crazy,
and miss my sweet family. I just want to be with them everyday. they are the best.....

Jennie Moss

Development Arrested

posted on: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have posted about my most favorite show,
arrested development.
You can speak for hours in quotes that derive from this fantastic show,

"I've made a huge mistake"      "Her?"       "I'm a monster!!"
"Sister's my new mother, mother!"      "Marry me!"
"Hey brother"    "HERMANO"   "Guy's a pro"  
"No touching!"   "I'm invited into very few personal homes"

{mrs. featherbottom}- the exact plot of mrs. doubtfire!

Whenever I do crafts or need a good laugh I watch arrested.
My joy comes from this:
Today Jason Bateman posted this picture on twitter:
Arrested Development

I can't wait for SEASON 4 and for the movie!

Jennie Moss

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