Places: Utah Adventures

posted on: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 We had a FANTASTIC weekend celebrating Jeff & Jaime our cousins.
We ran into some of our best friends, spent time in the temple,
hung out with our AMAZING family, caught up with our hansen side &
missed my grandma so much.

 {look who we ran into! i love my alex :) }
 gorgeous parents! 
 families are forever <3

 matching brothers!
 this is addi recreating his fave childhood face. these are our favorites...
 what were you doing on ellis island? we love these people.
 aaron holding the cha!
 my beautiful lai
brunch with these angel faces. we had a sentimental blast!!

love your travelers,
ar & jennie

Life as of Late

posted on: Sunday, September 16, 2012

This week has been very eventful!
I have had some major wonderful things going on,
and I love my job, love my amazing husb and friends, and I am happy.

{this is me dressing up for 50s day for homecoming week}

Aaron and I went on our first date in forever
we went to OPA! to have some tasty tasty greek food,
watched childhood movies, and went to amazing custard for dessert.
It was lovely to spend time with Aaron and have time to really relax. :)

Saturday was so sweet and wonderful for me.
I started to work with an AMAZING group of women,
and do some music therapy with them. It was delightful! I felt their spirits
so bright, I couldn't believe how sweet and tender they were- and HILARIOUS.
I love them, and I am so excited to keep working with them!!

New Job: New Life

posted on: Friday, September 7, 2012

Husband and I have LOVED our new house, new ward & I am loving my new job!
We are living in a gorgeous new apartment complex and
I have been spending lots of time redoing furniture, while Ar has been setting up lots of tech stuff
and we are having a blast creating this new house.

I have found a FANTASTIC job- being a special Ed aid/teacher for this cute girl.
We have tons of adventures, and have had a blast in our first week of school.

We are so happy and I can't wait to show you
all the projects I am working on!

to life! to having a great job!

E is for Epic Bonfire

posted on: Monday, September 3, 2012

When my family came to visit in
West Yellowstone to see the shows, we decided to show them the
fun things to do in the middle of nowhere.
We went to fire hole, to some beautiful swimming spots in the park, ate at some tasty restaurants,
went to hebgen lake and to quake lake, had lots of late night chats, and had an EPIC
bonfire with our besties and our family! We had smores with reeses, roasted a bunch of starbursts,
cuddled quite a lot, a had some beautiful conversations around the fire.
At one point my daddy and I broke out into song & dance, 
there was some singing of kombya, and we watch this video over and over.
(her scatting is PRICELESS)

 allie & tina just having some deep convos...

 I love these people and I am miss them already so much!
I am also still snacking on the huge marshmallows to this day, apparently three bags were too much for the night. I love me some mallows...

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