second job #happy

posted on: Saturday, October 27, 2012

My second job is literal bliss. 
I get to spend time with the most amazing girls on earth.
Today we gabbed about our favorite things, and we all told stories about
how the flu was for us personally.  (we all got the flu= the worst)
Then we talked about why we were special 
and the reasons why Heavenly Father has blessed us. 
My favorite answer was
 "I like when Jennie comes, because she wears silly sweaters and makes me happy."
I guess she thought neon was super silly. :)
Then we took angela to get some yummy froyo, she was so happy-
and we sang primary songs at the top of our lungs. She knows every word!


Love: Date night & Haircuts

posted on: Friday, October 26, 2012

Date Night
Tasty dinners & a Great movie with the cutest boyfriend I have ever had.
We had a crazy long week, and were happy to relax and spend time 
together. We also got our haircuts today, and feel like new people!
Tasty snacks and sour watermelons make a great night.
happy girl.

Like the new do? I am excited about the cut, and hope that I can actually do more with it!

DIY Bow Sweater

posted on: Monday, October 15, 2012

I have a lot of plain sweaters, different colors and all v necks. I won't over analysis that.
I am obsessed with bows, like any girl would be, and thought that this
cute little lace bow would make my plain pink sweater a little cuter.
You can use this DIY to make a bow,
and hopefully you can make a cutie sweater to be my twin!
Oh and aaron and I went to a really special place for FHE, its called JB's and is in
Rexi.{don't go} It was an experience terrible. Don't do it. 
But I did get to look at this hunk of burnin love, so I would say this date was a WIN.

oh and the outfit deets.
Sweater: Jcrew  Shirt: Zara  Bag: Gift  Pants: Zara  Boots: Nordstrom


DIY Circle Skirt

posted on: Sunday, October 14, 2012

{shirt: H&M,  skirt: mine,  shoes: Ann Taylor,  necklace: Grandma 

There are a bunch of tutorials out there for skirts
and I tried to find the two easiest to follow for beginner sewers.
I loved this one and this one.
A couple pointers, I LOVED using heavier fabric for this pattern,
because I like how it tricks you to think I am a skinny mini! haha! 
But seriously, It is really effective. 
I got my gorgeous fabric from Joann's, so good luck! 
I love me some cutie skirts. good luck sewers!

Places: Utah Friends & Fam

posted on: Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last friday night we had one
of the BEST reunions I have ever been to.
I was reunited with my mission family and got 
to catch up, give advice and love, listen to heartaches and triumphs,
and be completely happy/ nostalgic all night long!

 my baby- sista pope!
 my elder friendsies- i am proud of my brothers!!
watched conference with our best welches.
and with snuggle bug ro!
we love them sooo much!
Then I visited lex, and saltz & meggy came! 
I was so nostalgic of summer 2010 it was insane. 
I have missed my besties/sisters so much, it was bliss to be reunited with them.
Oh and baby max! He was the cutest!

what a wonderful weekend.
I didn't get a picture with bozarth, but we got to play-and I LOVED catching up.
Lydia stole my heart, and Ar/Kasey's bromance definitely grew a lot.

Jennie Moss

The Sweetest Saylins!

posted on: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sunday we had an amazing time with my mission president and his lovely fam.
We watched conference, worked on book reports, played with babies,
ate yummy dinner, sang & jammed at the piano, watched crazy youtube videos,
 loved and reminisced, and enjoyed life.

{president is the go to hw guy. though chloe complained at his artistic skills. hahaha}

happiness is spending time with family.
I love these people so much and it made for a FANTASTIC
and memorable weekend.

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