I've got the Magic in me

posted on: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My whole life I have always wondered what my life would end up like.
I wondered what my cute husband would look like, what his personality would be
and I would pray that we would be best friends and have a happy life.
None of my prayers or dreams have come close to the love that I have
shared with my sweetheart Aaron. 
We have suffered through death and sickness, spent years apart with
only letters to keep contact, and I have experienced the most deep friendship with him
more than any other person. My dreams have been surpassed and we have found a happy
life together. 

We have been waiting for a baby for some time and about two months ago,
we found out that we were expecting one. Words can not explain how happy we 
are to have a little one join our family. I don't know how we are going to wait another 7 months
for the baby to come, but we will have to stick it out! We had this ultrasound taken monday,
and we are beyond excited to watch this little one grow and meet him/her in November.

Happy happy happy.

-moss duo


Shawnee - Sassy in Sweatpants said...

I wish I could even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I can't imagine any better parents and I am just thrilled. Congratulations!!!

A Red Haired Girl said...

I'm so happy for you two!!! CONGRATS!!!

Elle Nicole said...

Ohemgee. I love this.. It's so good for the world that you two will have offspring. I love this baby already and so does Lydia and so does the boy in my belly (graycen). Oh yeah and Kasey too. Congrats. Cam I be the first to offer to throw your Utah baby shower? Say yes. Love you.

Lady J said...

THank you! I honestly was shocked at the news but I am so so happy! Thank you for your confidence, I am so excited and happy.

Lady J said...

@ a red hair girl
thank you so much!!

Lady J said...

OF COURSE you can throw it! We would LOVE to come see you and your gorgeous house. I can't wait to see lyd again and sweet graycen. I will be in utah in august and we will definately play then! love you boz

Danny and Kiley said...

I am SOO happy for you jennie!! I can't think of anyone more deserving. You are going to be an AWESOME momma! Congrats!! (:

spencer orton said...

YES!! So happy for both of you. Congrats. Love you and miss you.

spencer orton said...

...and this is sara btw.

Courtney Whitear said...

OMG Jennie!!! I'm beyond thrilled!!! Seriously, beyond words thrilled. :)

April said...

This is the BEST thing I've read in a long time! I love it!! Congrats Mama!

Lady J said...

@kiley & danny
you are the absolute sweetest. I HOPE my little one will be as beautiful as your little boy. Oh my heavens, he simply is heaven!

Lady J said...

@sara orton
I love you girl, I am so happy that I can be a momma like you. I will be calling for tips, don't doubt it!!

Lady J said...

thank you sweet sister. I feel really tender now that I am pregs, and I couldn't help but just send a little love note into the universe about how grateful I am. You are such a good example, and I hope I can follow your example!

BurkeAndEmily said...

Oh I'm so happy for you!!!! I'm ready to cry. Congratulations!

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