Dallas Baby Shower Perfection

posted on: Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You know those people that you talk with for five minutes and just click?
Yeah, that is my friend Lianne. She and I have an incredible amount of things in common,
and she has been such an amazing support during this pregnancy. We became dear friends because of
one very special hospital visit, where we were left to talk for hours waiting around for tests and doctors. To say I am grateful for this girl is an understatement. 
She is also one of the craftiest girls I have ever known, and makes these amazing things for her
baby girl Calvyn. {Her quiet books should be sold in stores-they are a pinterester's dream}
Well, she threw me a shower and I had no clue how above and beyond she could go with decor &
a theme, so I thought I would share her cuteness with all of you. Also every time I look at the 
pictures of food I start salivating again, thinking about how tasty those cookies, cake balls and sandwiches were. Aaron also appreciated the amount she made, because he got to partake of some of it too! Please notice the cookies had hand-cut whales and crabs from fondant, and the cake balls
were DIVINE. I had a sugar high for days because of those delish treats. 
This day made me feel insanely special and loved, and I couldn't be more thankful for an example
of motherhood like her! I am one lucky girl.

 {Bib making station- note the "turtle turtle"- thanks to Master of Disguise}
 {Cutest diaper cake- ever? Yeah thats what I thought!}

 {She handmade those ornaments- Lianne you have got to be kidding me! So cute!}
 {Aaron and his best friend Calvyn- She is the cutest little girl. Her white blonde hair kills me}

{We may look a little like a couple here-I love this girl}



Cheree said...

This is wonderful!!!! Talent just bursts from this girl, Lianne. So happy for you. We are counting down the days 'til your little guy arrives. =)

Moss Momma said...


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