Spaces: Craft Room shot by Lisa Langi

posted on: Monday, January 28, 2013

I am so excited to tell you about my amazing friend Lisa Langi.
She is an incredible photographer and I have admired her work since I have known her. She has a very unique way of capturing life and I am honestly wish I could always see life through her lens.
Lisa came and shot my work space, and I couldn't be more excited to show you guys the
finished product! I am so happy & I know you will love it!
{Also if you wanna see pictures of her little muffin miss mia, click right here}

Here is a little sneek peek:

I hope you love these gorgeous pictures, and click here for more pics!


Places: Thrifting in Idaho Falls

posted on: Friday, January 25, 2013

Ar & I have loved thrifting since dating, so we took our favorite couple with us to find some major gems. Obvi we started the date out with a little snake bite {the best place to eat in idaho} and enjoyed every single bite. I had an incredible blackened chicken salad and everyone else got their famous burgers/sandwiches. Those waffle fries are the best & when I figure out how to make their spicy fry sauce my life may become complete. We then ventured to our favorite spots in Idaho Falls scoring some items for the future, I got some vintage music/records & Lisa got some incredible Hawaiian Treasures. The last picture on here is miss Mia sucking on the milk carton, she loved how cold it was and sucked on it the entire trip of Winco. I love that child!

p.s. Thank you for all of the comments, emails and messages on FB. I have felt such a huge outpouring of love & support from the last post I don't even know how to thank you all. It makes a world of a difference to hear similar experiences, and ways to cope with lack of preg/child life. I love you all, and can't explain how thankful I am for your words of kindness & compassion.

The question of pregnancy

posted on: Thursday, January 17, 2013

preface: this is not directed at anyone in particular, just general feelings... :)

I must wake up on the morning with a huge message plastered on my face about babies, because I seem to attract the question at least two times daily "are you guys planning on kids soon?" This is my least favorite topic to talk about unless you are one of my closest friends, and even then it's painful. This question implies alot of topics, "do you guys even want kids?" "why are you working, when you could be pregnant" "how long have you been married?{how many years are you putting this off?}"

I have wanted a child since I was a child. My mom will tell you that I knew which families would let me hold/play with their babies when I was 6. I love children, I love babies, I feel truly ALIVE when I am around kids. I would love to have a baby, but I haven't had one yet. So until then I am trying to become a better person, wife, daughter and teacher. I am trying to make a good use of my time, and would love achieve some goals while I am "childless."

Maybe I should say: We have been trying, should I list to you how many days its been?

This is my real response to those people. I am sorry but sometimes you don't get a baby even when you have been married over two years. Sometimes you pray everyday you will be pregnant and have read 50+ {not pregnant} lines on those little white sticks. Sometimes you just don't get the things you want right away. I am ok with this on most days and feel confident that The Lord will one day bless me with a child, but when I am judged because of my timeline to conceive it make that trial much much harder.

So please, don't allow yourself or others around you, to participate in this weird cultural nonsense. Allow people to have their privacy in things like conception, and don't assume the worst in others. I know I am not perfect in this, but since this whole situation- I am trying everyday to be better. I made a little promise to myself to not ask- When are you thinking of getting engaged? Oh my goodness are you thinking kids soon? and other questions like that with the fun pressure and judgement that comes along with it. I wanna be better.


Places: Disneyland with the Fam

posted on: Saturday, January 5, 2013

We had an amazing day at disneyland and
saw some projects my dad did contracts on completed!
Carsland and the little mermaid were his projects and they
were honestly amazing and I was so proud of my daddy! What a champ!


Places: Los Angeles Dreaming

posted on: Thursday, January 3, 2013

We have had such an amazing time here in california
with our awesome family! We have spent alot of time watching family home videos {yikes},
playing with the sweet pup, eating delicious food, going downtown, shopping,
seeing fantastic movies, creating art & being weirdies.
Here is some photos {not great quality} of the last couple weeks-
we are enjoying our time and the gorgeous weather.
p.s. see the HOBBIT asap- it was absolutely incredible! Best movie of 2012

 We are so happy to be part of the Jackson Family
and couldn't be happier about this break! 
Hope everyone is having an amazing time!


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