Sibling Brag Rights

posted on: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have some insanely talented sibs, and today I was overwhelmed with pride when I was
looking at their GORGEOUS artwork! They both have red hair, insanely beautiful personalities, 
and are talented in so many avenues-its insane. 

// Anna lives in LA and has got creativity coming from every finger. 
She does amazing makeup design, painting, sketching, singing/music making
and though she denies it-she is a beautiful dancer. //

Isn't she amazing? Most of these art pieces, were simple sketches she did
at our home. I am amazed with all the things she comes up with! Such beautiful work!

// John isn't just an incredible artist, but acts, does improv, 
has an amazing voice {he will deny this too!} this boy is all around a rock star!
I saw him in a play recently, the first stage show I have ever seen him in and he was amazing.
He didn't have the lead, but everytime he was onstage he absolutely lit up the stage- 
I was very proud & so impressed. This boy is stellar. //

I love you John & Anna- I am so proud of you!
I am so happy about how you have developed your incredible talents-
you are wonderful artists & people! I love you most.

-this moss momma

Faith: Peace among the Noise

posted on: Sunday, April 21, 2013

Somedays I feel like there is an insane amount of noise. Noise in my head, noise in my spirit, noise everywhere. Do you ever feel that?
Last week, I had a lot of discouraging noise. A lot of giving in {on my part} to discouraging thoughts and I absolutely convinced myself {with the help of the adversary} that I was up to the tasks before me.
I am working full time while pregnant, tired and nauseous to boot? Yeah I can't do that.
I am preparing to be a mother, of an actual human being? No way, Jose.
All I could think about was what I was unable to do, but through the help of a really cute boy, an amazing Father in Heaven, prayer {from me/in my behalf} and some incredible talks- I realized how inexcusable my faithless behavior was.

I read J. R. Holland's incredible talk "Lord, I believe" from the last general conference and felt all the noise dissipate as I thought about the core message it teaches. He reminds us that we need to ask the Lord humbly for help-and that doesn't mean to always be delivered from the problem, but to be strengthened to overcome the problem. I prayed last week over and over to be helped in my trials and not to be delivered from them. Heavenly father helped me! I was terribly sick everyday, and I made it through my whole first week of work-and only missed one half day. I felt taken care of and watched over!

"The size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue-it is the integrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have and the truth you already know"

I know that I will have many years ahead of me learning how to listen to God, trust Him and His path for me- but I feel encouraged knowing that I am capable of anything through Christ's power. By simply asking I can preform tasks that previously seem out of reach. I can live a challenging life with God next to me.

Oh and as for my doubts- I am a working full time preggo lady & I am making it look good! {this may be an overstatement because its muggy and sweaty here and I do not look good after about 20 minutes outside of the house-haha!} Also I can be a mother, because I have incredible parents/family to model my life after, and Heavenly parents who can teach me how to be great!

We can do anything with the Lord.

Moss Momma

Faith: Happy Conference Weekend

posted on: Saturday, April 6, 2013

This is my favorite quote from this morning. Hope you are having an awesome weekend,
we are watching our semi annual general conference, and being able to hear
doctrine of Christ from men called of God! Its the best spiritual reboot for us, and especially
right now when we need some R & R. Hope you are enjoying your time. :)

moss momma

Life Lately...

posted on: Friday, April 5, 2013

We have been all about packing lately, I have never been so ruthless in getting rid of stuff.
I am terrible at goodbyes, so I have been avoiding them. Its hard to start over so getting lost in packing
world. Also we have been drinking alot of cranberry juice with limeade. Its Delish!

{above: pregger stick & morning sickness pic. this is my daily routine}

 {I went through hundreds of letters & notes- and found my first cups from the mission}

{our tv stand is gone & we are using a box-classy! and my amber j enjoying our last costa together}

 {boxes & boxes and more boxes- and my beautiful hub}

We will be heading to dallas in a couple days. I can't believe we are really leaving....
-moss momma

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