Happy Birthday Miss Katie, my angel!

posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013

We lost our cousin {Aaron's cousin} to a very terrible disease, and she passed very quickly into the next life. What a hard time it was for the family, and still is- for Katie is someone who lights every corner of a room. She was FULL of life, music & absolute love. She made me instantly feel comfortable and welcome in the family, and we spent most of our time singing and being princesses.
I can't explain to you how special she is, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to know her.
I love my Katie Girl.

We had a family reunion two summers ago, where I got to spent a good portion of my time with her.
We swam, played mermaids, sang A LOT, and enjoyed time just being silly. I remember her telling my that her favorite part from every movie was the kissing. She exclaimed, "I LOVE LOVE! I love your love with Aaron! I want you to kiss all the time." She would giggle like crazy when aaron would come over to us playing, and hug me or give me a kiss. She just simply loved love.  Oh gosh, I really really miss this girl- and my heart hurts thinking about it. I know though that her example will resonate with those who knew and loved her, we do miss her-but know she had work to do with Heavenly Father. Here is a little video I found of us singing and talking at the lodge, which she calls the "hotel" :). I could watch this over and over, I just miss her snuggles alot. Happy Birthday my dear Katie. We miss you and love you so so much.

{p.s. around Katie I was VERY animated and my voice is about 3 octaves higher than normal, she made me just so darn excited!!}

Love You Katie Girl.
-Moss Momma

Places: Grapevine- Main Street Days

posted on: Monday, May 20, 2013

{the beautiful main street is not only gorgeous because of the brick,
but most of the building have been preserved for years and years.... love it}
 {baby r eating pizza, it was really really cute to watch}
{15 weeks preggers, and Aaron being cute with my ice water Big Gulp}
 {a great day of antro & grimaldi's}
{cuddling my quinn man and him demolishing a piece of pizza.
Kids eating a huge piece of pizza is probably the cutest thing ever.}

We are trying to make more of the time we have before Aaron starts Police Academy.
We had a blast hanging out with our amazing friends, the Hauptlys.
They have the cutest kids ever, and baby Raelynn has the sweetest red curls and
 Quinn is my long lost boyfriend/best friend. 
We ate delish pizza and spent the day in the hot hot sun-admiring antiques and chatting.
We are so excited to go out to Kirtland this week to be with all our Moss family,
it is going to be a blast and I hope that I don't barf too much. Haha. 

Well, Main street days for the win.
Oh and watch "Call the Midwife." Season 2 is incredible.

The Moss Momma

15 weeks

posted on: Thursday, May 16, 2013

After you have a day of not feeling well & a lot of {well, puking...} you need to have something
to make you feel like a champ. I always feel alot better after curling my hair- putting on a titch of makeup and also getting dressed. Who knew leaving the house is so important-in the making you feel good dept. {I have the goal to leave once a day.} When you are fifteen weeks you start feeling 
like maybe you are actually growing a baby, and this isn't all a hoax- and so I am starting to
feel actual motherly excitement. Last night there was a HUGE thunderstorms and we were under 
watch for tornadoes {cool way to welcome us, TX!} and so I was obviously scared.
I was so happy that aaron cuddled me through my fears, and I held my stomach- where I could feel
the baby's heartbeat. Probably the coolest thing that has ever happened. 
Its feeling more real, and I am feeling excited and blessed to get to meet this snuggle baby.
Side note:  I have been scouting estate sales in our area all night,
because we don't have a table... I really want to sew again, but its hard to try and sew on your coffee table. Haha! If the health permits- we are going to venture into the humidity and seek out a grand little table and by the looks of it- two matching chairs {oh please have cool vintage chairs for cheap}.
I don't think there is anything more cool than those tall chairs from the 60s that are upholstered with crazy avocado green velvet or something just as classy. Lets hope the nauseous subsides and the thrifting fairies are in alignment tommorow, because I am ready to find something super duper cool!

The last two pictures are some of my paintings that I have been working on.
Its fun to have these little projects to look forward to, when you are having a crummy day!

the Moss momma

Grimaldi's Pizza & day of perfection

posted on: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This preggo momma felt complete bliss when I woke up monday with no Morning sickness!
It was insanely wonderful feeling, all day the queasy took a trip somewhere, and I didn't mind.
I laid out by the pool & swam like a little champ. I love living in a warm place- happy!
Aaron had to do some more errands for signing up for school- so we took a little trip to McKinney 
and a pit stop in allen. We hit grimaldi's pizza that is THE BEST pizza I have ever consumed.
We may have went a titch over the top with a calzone and a marg pizza, but it was nice to really eat something REAL. It was perfection, and my next 'good' day I am so going back.
We then went up to the school, aaron took a test and I hit up the children's section in the library.
My siblings and I are starting a new project, and I was doing some major research. 
I can't wait till things start rolling with our project! :)
We ended off the night with delicious and cheap ice cream at Braum's. 
I was so thankful for this bright day among all the sick ones, and can't wait to find out the baby's gender!

Moss Momma

Welcome to Dallas!

posted on: Saturday, May 4, 2013

In a whirlwind we finally made it here to Dallas.
Its been a crazy three weeks: filled with crazy people, birthdays, & a lot of morning sickness.
Along with morning sickness- Aaron and I have had terrible sinus infections/chest colds the
last two weeks, which has left us pretty helpless. We are still pretty much down for a the count-
so anyone trying to contact us, sorry we have been so M.I.A. !!
Here are some pictures of what has been going on-

{hospital visits are the most fun// making green smoothies via bailey j's recipe}
 {first date in dallas}
{cute aaron on his birthday at Pappas Bros! Best Steak we have ever had!!}
 {Our states we have lived in Letterpress prints// roses from my darling}

We will find out the gender in 5 more weeks! Can't wait.

-Moss Momma

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