26 birthday, shout hooray!

posted on: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

 Saturday was a FANTASTIC day- due to the efforts of this sweet boy I married.
It started off a little rocky with some morning sickness, but after rest we followed Aaron's master plan.
He took me to a delish greek lunch at Ziziki's - Aaron had a lamb gyro & I had hummus & lemon zested asparagus, oh and we we treated with the most incredible birthday baclava ever.

Aaron did some major planning that made the day incredibly perfect,
he took me fabric shopping- and saw some beautiful baby blanket options and some absolutely
hideous 80s floral prints that I loved to hate. :)

We shopped at some happy maternity stores, 
and looked at some pretty darn cute baby clothes at gap. 
My heart melts when I see the little shoes, 
and I think baby bear is going to be a pretty dapper baby boy. 
Oh and we swam, which is always a happy time- especially with this pair of blue eyes.
Some wonderful loot from the packages and letters people sent,
I can't express how much love I felt- thank you thank you thank you!
Some other presents I got- Whitney got engaged-and I received my happiest phone call about it!
Oh, and my mama lolo bought and started moving into her 1st house! Best news ever.

All in all it was a fantastic day, thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

love, JM

Thank you to the True blue through and through friends

posted on: Thursday, June 20, 2013

I have learned living far away from your friend and family base is not an easy feat.
Thinking we were so tough and adventurous, and trying hard to follow what God told us to do-
we ended up pretty far away from what we know. Dallas is getting better and better everyday and becoming a home place for us, as we establish ourselves- but I have felt like I REALLY have learned about true blue through and through friends.

We have a collection of people we consider to be in our close circle, from people we grew up with- to those we met in college, to missionary friends, and some who we have endured the hardest trials of all with. Aaron made an interesting observation the other day, he said, "people you stay close to are the ones willing to go through transitions with you." I was once again dumbfounded by my sweet husb and realized it is completely true. The people who transition with you, and support you through those transitions-those are the ones that always stay.

There were friends I have had whom were perfect for the time in my life that they were in, and I couldn't be more thankful for them. But today I am thankful for those people who have stood by me through the tough transitions. The friends who were still there after my mission, and through the hard transition back. I am very grateful for the friends who stood by me in cancer times, and brought me meals, cards and laughs. I am thankful for my friends who came to countless boring classical recitals, and cheered for me {even though I was singing in german.} Thankful for those friends who checked up on me through my phases of hermit-hood and anti-social times, thanks for not giving up. I am most grateful at this time for those friends who call and text me on days when I am sure you are being prompted to do so, when all I do is go from the bed to the bathroom and back. Thank you for being there. Thank you for asking how I am feeling, and for calling and telling me your good news.
I know God has given me many angels in life, and I am thankful for the ones I can always count on.


Places: Kirtland, Ohio with the Moss Family

posted on: Sunday, June 9, 2013

A couple weeks ago we went to Ohio to visit all the moss clan, and even stayed in one big house!
The neices and nephews were silly and wiggley and we ate like kings. {When I could eat- haha}
All the kids had a hard time believing that I was in fact pregnant and one niece said,
"you just look like you have a fat belly" I laughed pretty hard at that one. Haha!
Baby Adam who is the youngest gave me so much love and I even got to bathe him- which
was the cutest with his little chub and rolls.
We had quite a good time playing with our babies, and even took a night to see star trek.
I loved being around family, and when the kids finally believed me that I was in fact having a baby,
they helped me with some possible baby names.

For a girl: Princess pink flower Adele Moss
For a boy: still princess as a first name, and diaper bum as a middle name.

I am grateful all the worries about the names are out the door, we have got them picked!

p.s. The second Ultrasound TOMMOROW!

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