31 Weeks

posted on: Saturday, August 31, 2013

NEW THINGS OF THESE LAST TWO WEEKS: Braxton hicks like crazy, my back
seems to be getting worse- so I stretch nonstop, and do it EVERYWHERE. Today I did a full stretch session
 in a crowded trader joe's- but it was so worth it. Shopping carts are the perfect size to stretch with,
and they can move forward and back with you. I am contemplating borrowing one till I have the babe,
then returning it. {But that is stealing, so I probs won't}

MATERNITY CLOTHES? I wear my three fave shirts and rotate them. All I want is COMFORT
it seems like the that is what my life is officially about now, seeking after comfort. :)

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK? I got to see my darling family, and Aaron got 100% on his tactical shooting test!
He qualified before his police class, I was so proud of him- His successes make me feel so giddy.
Also coming back from LA was a pretty exciting reunion with my Ar Bear, we don't do well being apart...
But I absolutely LOVED hanging with my Jackson's at the Beach. It was beautiful and peaceful.

MOVEMENT: Well, we know he is a very healthy boy-
FOOD CRAVINGS: In & Out- Cheese Fries, Falafel, tzaziki, hummus, doughnuts, & fine cheeses! 
ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEESY OR SICK? Strong smells and anything being cooked in my house.
WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF? On. But I may need to remove them in the coming weeks, 
this texas heat is killing me a bit.
MILESTONES: Well our sweet boy is measuring very large. His femur is showing him three weeks longer than average,
but are we surprised? I am married to a 6"5 darling boy whom was quite large when he was born.
Oh and I got the CUTEST baby book from paper source, and started recording bits of info about the
sweetheart babe. I am so excited to see those pages fill up!


Everyday with the Evans

posted on: Saturday, August 10, 2013

My darling husband made an amazing pot roast with potatoes and carrots, 
it was delish and I couldn't be more grateful for his cooking skills. 
{I can't-its too stinky right now!}
And took a pic of my huge drink that I get everyday-- 
Free 320z ice at QT and two liters of waters to drink. 
It tastes like paradise, and I have no clue why their ice is so much better- but it is. 
This preggo lady is very appreciative of their it- I have been thinking about
sending them a thank you note 
{not a joke, I have gotten emotional about their ice in the past...}

Our besties-the Evans came to TX to visit family and
 I honestly couldn't have been happier to see them. 
We swam at the homestead, drank a lot of sonic & Dairy Queen,
did a lot of walking/talking/dancing, Skyler made me laugh so hard I was afraid 
I was going to have to go to the bathroom {i missed that!}, and just soaked up each other's goodness.
Ellie was not too sure about me at first, but once we sang cinderella together-
best friends were made. Every time I started dancing or singing, she was ready to get down 
with me and dance too. The people in H&M were enamored 
with her cute dance skills and her fabulous personality- I love my ellie.
Carter has grown so much, it amazes me to see how tall he is, and so handsome.
We had such a happy time being silly together and his stories about 
turbo & monsters Inc melted my heart. This boy is truly my first love! <3

We spent some time in toys r us-where ellie girl found a dora bed that she
decided she needed-by sleeping in it multiple times. Also we found some of the coolest cars
that are battery powered-there was even an audi in there! Below, carter boy decided
he was a ninja turtle and when we called him that, he said "no I am carter!"
Also, I have never seen kids so excited to see princess items {ellie} and monsters inc items {carter}
it melted my heart to see the kiddos so happy, and made me so excited to be a momma!

 All in all I am a happy girl, nothing makes life better than hanging out with the Evans.
Being with these kiddos makes me all the more happy to be a momma,
and being with Lauren is just bliss. I love love loved this week, and the next time we are 
reunited Ar and I will have a little boo boo of our own! AH!


27 Weeks & a trip to the Hospital

posted on: Friday, August 2, 2013

UPDATE: A couple weeks ago I thought I was in labor, I was having extreme pain in my ute {uterus} So I rushed to the emergency room. I was admitted quickly, taken upstairs into a room-and given monitors to see what was happening with the babe. He was happy, healthy, heart rate-great, and kicking like a crazy! Aaron and I spent the night there, and he was trying all night to make me laugh and not stress out-  he even had me do a photoshoot in my haneous gown. My face is splotchy and red from crying, but I couldn't help but laugh. Aaron is truly the best husband on this EARTH! The next morning they did some in depth ultrasounds to see what was going on, and saw a tear in my abdomen. They figured out that the pain I was feeling was not contractions, but the  tear in my abdomen from violent morning sickness. The doctors said they have not seen that before, which just made me laugh. If I had a dollar for every time a doctor told me that....

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK? Seeing my lauren! My best friend came out with her family and we got to 
spend a day swimming and chatting. So happy she is here in dallas for a bit- I am going to soak up every bit of her!

MOVEMENT: Kicking, HICCUPS {so so cute!}, and when I take a bath- the boy turns around and around.

FOOD CRAVINGS: In and Out- cheese fries & cheeseburger, Potbelly's chocolate shakes, krispy kremes 
and cheesecake factory tuxedo cheesecake {I could eat it every single day}

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEESY OR SICK? changes everyday- but thank goodness for the new medicine they gave me, it has helped curb some of the nausea.
GENDER: Still a little boo boo boy
WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF? On, but its getting HOT in TEXAS and I wouldn't be surprised if I needed
to take them soon, due to the heat/swelling! :)
MILESTONES: Hiccups and officially being the happiest little boy. He just seems to be so excited everytime daddy comes home, and whenever he hears rap music. Hahha, we are raising up a little boy who loves a strong beat.
Oh and did you know that I have the most amazing cute husband, who is a CADET? I found out yesterday,
I have been missing out on calling him Cadet Moss for the last couple months {I didn't know it was his official title}
Its the cutest thing ever.

This is the report of life as of late, I am looking forward to some great things in the next couple months!
Aaron is graduating in October, BabyBoy is going to join us, I get to see Whinnie get married, and have a whole bunch
of fun shenanigans in Utah, and finally seeing my family all together for Theodore Mcknelly's 90th! 

Loving Life,

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