Dallas Date: Hillstone & Sprinkles

posted on: Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today was a great day.
Aaron and I have been doing day dates, since I usually have more energy from the hours of
12pm to about 6pm. We have to take advantage of the weekend, since my husb is gone
all day everyday for the academy. I am so insanely proud of him, but I have to admit I miss
him like crazy all week. The weekend is heaven- and we take FULL advantage of our time 
together. We went to Hillstone today, a swanky place in north-east region of dallas.
I have craved cheeseburgers every day of my pregnancy, and we have read they have the MOST
incredible hamburgers- so we jumped on the chance.
I went with the cheeseburger obvi, and aaron got the french dip. He gave me two bites,
and I about died and went to prime rib heaven. It was amazing- the meat was sliced to perfection,
and they had this horseradish on the side that rocked my palette. 
The burger was great, even fantastic, but that french dip was absolutely epic.
We didn't finish our food, because that deliciousness was very very filling,
but really- we will be back to get more of that french dip.

Post food deliciousness, we walked around the cute little outdoor plaza
and looked at all the fancy shops. You know you are in fancy territory when there
is a doggie bakery {I am saying a bakery with only treats for doggies- you are kidding me...}
and we decided to brave the long line and finally partake in a sprinkles experience.
The cupcakery was filled with people and a lot of young girls- it seems like
16-19 year olds are obsessed with pregnant ladies. They all beam at me a lot and it makes
me feel really happy and uncomfortable at the same time.

We then decided to swim because it is so insanely hot here in dallas,
we love our pool- even though its a titch nippy in the later afternoon.
We swam, discussed the reasons why Les Miz and Inception don't make sense-
if you need those reasons, email me and we can discuss them further. hahahah,
we take all our discussions very seriously. Then we finished out our day with some MI-5
because Aaron needs to have all the spy training that he can get his hands on.

good day date arbear.

Dallas Date: Off Site Kitchen

Look who is 32 weeks! whoot whoot.

We went to the most incredible place for lunch last week that was highly
recommended from all the hippest food blogs and websites around the net.
Its called Off Site Kitchen, and we were NOT disappointed.
The Burgers were cooked to perfection, it was WAY inexpensive (about the same as in & out),
and they had incredible drink selections. Aaron found his Abita root beer superb,
and I was very pleased with my ginormous lemonade- not too sweet!
If you are in the dallas area, please do yourself a favor and hit this very tasty hipster place up.
Oh, and its close to the art district, a bunch of cool antique stores and the aquarium.
Total Win for the Moss food tour of Dallas.


LA Weekend of Jackson Adventures

posted on: Sunday, September 1, 2013

I was feeling the preggy blues, and needed a little break from the nausea and heat 
of TX-- so I went home to visit my darling family.
The greatest thing about the Jackson's is that when we are together, noise follows.
We are NOISY, and I love that about us-we make simple things very fun and big.
Friday: We went to a delish Mediterrain dinner & went to the Hollywood bowl,
 to see Miss Kristen Chenoweth.
We were in the bathroom and she was standing behind me with her,
I was a titch star struck, but ended up chatting with them about clothes and pregnancy.
They were adorable, and funny, and I forgot about what it was like to live in LA,
and seeing stars all the time, and that they really are normal people. I wish I had the guts to say,
I am obsessed with GCB, and wish it wasn't cancelled!! {But I played it super cool instead, haha...}
Back to Kristen:
Her first half of the concert was BEAUTIFUL and inspiring.
I cried in her rendition of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and even though I hattttttte 
Andrew Llyod Webber, her singing "Wishing you were somehow here again" 
was literally a spiritual experience. I was BLOWN away, and expected a beautiful second half.
The second half was INSANELY disappointing. If you know me well, I am the biggest Kristen fan out
there. I have made special trips to NYC to see her shows, and have sent fan mail
 {I do not do this normally....}
I have followed her career since I was 10, and have supported her even though she has done some
really silly things {Her show "kristen" was not super awesome...}
But, friday I watched this talented singer/actress sell out by making very crude jokes,
making fun of other actresses in hollywood, and honestly sounded like a bitter woman.
I cried after the concert {maybe because I am hormonal and pregs}
and felt like I watched a star fall. I saw someone whom I respected so much make herself
 into a cheap joke and a gimmick. Such a sad thing, and if we hadn't been blocked into a spot
because hollywood bowl parking is back to back, I would have gotten up and left.
Thankful for my family though, they came to the concert to humor me, and tried to cheer me up
after the concert. They are great at looking at the positives, and they are the perfect example of that!
Saturday was filled with shopping, baby clothes gawking, and a great wedding reception for a family friend. I had the best time chatting with my mamaroo, and was able to see some family friends
and catch up on news of my la canada peeps. It was such a lovely day.

Sunday was LOVELY. We heard some incredible talks- the best of which being
Mr. Lance Frame who just returned from a mission in peru. He shared some of the most
pure and beautiful truths- I couldn't believe how spot on his talk was.
I couldn't be more grateful for the uplift that church brings- it is the best.
The best part of sunday was GAME NIGHT. Our family knows how to do a proper game night,
so we hit some speed scrabble, and then tried to play dominoes.
No one knew how to play, and I had played dominoes a couple years back so I explained
the rules I had remembered. It was not as successful of a game as I remembered because I am
pretty sure that I made up all the rules, and remembered it very wrong.
After trying it "jennie style" we you-tubed some examples of the actual domino games,
and then played with the real rules. Turns out the real rules make alot of sense.
It was a great night, topped with blood orange italian soda from traders,
if you haven't tasted it, go out immediately and BUY IT.

Monday we went to Malibu and watched the sibs do some surfing with dad.
My mom and I got to chat and tan and walk the beach- we even saw a HUGE seal.
Post-beach we went to this cute little market close-by and found a case of cakes that made
me want to eat everything inside of it.
We met up with my grandpa and aunt&uncle at Malibu Seafood.
If you live in Southern California you need to hit up this place. The salmon is too die for,
and the swordfish is incredible. {I couldn't eat that due to mercury levels....}
It was beautiful, wonderful and a happy night with family to end our trip.
Love these people.

Till next time California,


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