Utah Baby Shower: Hanson Extravaganza

posted on: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I have great people in my life. Lets just get that out there right now. 
My Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe have been like my second parents and home since I was little.
We have made it a tradition to come ski with them every year in the winter, and in the summer
usually they would come to california and we would have more fun family time. When I went off
to college, I got to visit Utah a lot more than before and have spent many nights sleeping in their comfy beds and staying up late playing games in their inviting family room. 
They are the most kind and generous people I know, and I couldn't be happier to call them family.
Aunt Lisa knew I was coming up to Utah for whinnie's nutptials and said lets make it a party day for baby boy! I was so so excited, not only because many of my favorite people in the world live in Utah,
and also because Aunt Lisa knows how to party. We had a great time prepping for the party and it was so incredibly fun to catch up with new and very old friends. It was such a wonderful night, and lifted  my spirits through what has been a very hard 8 months {so blessed to be having a baby, but turns out pregnancy is really hard, who knew? :)} Here are some of my faves from the party, and seriously the food was out of control good. Oh and my cousin Jenny made the most incredible sugar cookies as favors and I think I had about 5. But, we won't dwell on that-haha!
{The treat table, amazing Utah peach pie, cookies, cakes and treats from many of our guests!}
{My darling first ever roommate Kendall, this girl helped me through so much-and threw pillows at
me so I would make it for my morning classes. Thanks Ken!!}
{My fellow preggy Alexis- who was my companion on the mission and awesome roommate after.
She is the best friend anyone could ask for, and has the cutest little boy too boot!}
{My aunt Lisa, cousin AJ, Kristen, and Jenny: cutest second family on the block.}
{The Moss' came and represented, and proved to everyone again how incredible my in-laws are.
I adore them like crazy.}

{Cute cousin Sarah and her mommy Lori, Aunt Theresa and daughter Laura-
They are all incredibly warm, adorable and give me more reason to want to move to Utah!}
{Rachel came to represent my childhood and La Canada front. She and Anna have 
been friends since elementary and I have spent hours of time sleeping over at their house and
making all sorts of delish treats while watching the Babysitters club. I love this fashionista.}
{Lyss, Kaitlyn and Kendall are some of my absolute dearest friends from college.
We have all been friends for 8 years and have been through incredible transitions and heartbreaks
always there to pull eachother up. And best of all, my girls know how to party. I love my princesses.}
{This is Keni, my last comp from the mission who I trained, and who ended up training the entire
mission afterward. She sounds like Lauryn Hill, and is one of my best friends to this day.}
{The Thomas' lived in my mission and were a breath of fresh air and home! 
We have stayed friends and I have gotten to know Jen's sis Stacey and her amazing family.
Talk about people who know how to make a party and love/support me through everything.
I love these girls!! {Hannah too!}
{THSM represent, and meggy too-because its like she served with us anyway.
These are the best friends and sisters you could ask for. Lex and Boz already have adorable babes,
and Saltzy is saving the world with science, and meggy literally makes me pee laughing everytime we
talk and hang out. They are true sisters.}
{John my brudder and Alexis's sweetest max. He is so cute and I don't know why John was 
so grumpy. Haha.}
{This is Lisa, my second mama. She is just the best ever. Also
knows how to make me laugh and reminisce all in the same conversation.
We just "get" eachother, you know?}
{The scrunchiest momma in the whole world. Look we even match!!}
{My girls! Kristen was doing HW or we would have required her for this pic.
They went above and beyond for the prep of this day and still look like queens! :)}

Well, there you have it.
I have been trying to be better about blogging because I am planning on taking the posts and making
a type of year book out of them! I want to have a record of all the fun life has to offer, and
hopefully it will help me preserve a part of my memory-because I am seriously loosing it these days!
Hahaha, but seriously. Oh and next time I am in Utah, I will be accompanied by a little friend! 


Happy Happy Birthday Bre Bre Dear

posted on: Friday, October 11, 2013

My darling sister friend Breezy's birthday is TODAY,
and I couldn't be more happy to celebrate from the far away humidity land of TX.
It makes me feel soft and mushy thinking that we have only known 
Bre & her darling addi for a year and a half-- 
but found ourselves some couple soul mates, in a time that we needed true friends! 
Bre is beautiful, stunning in fact, but this doesn't even faze her. 
She is also incredibly talented at musical theater and sounds like Judy Garland 
{the young one, not when Judy went cray cray...bless her soul.} 
This girl is a true sister friend, best cuddle buddy in the world and is part of the perfect
married duo in all the land. I love her and miss her terribly. 
Thanks for your style, wit, craftiness, thoughtful personality and 
most of all your capability to be the silliest person when we are together.
Love you forever.

 Twins? Down to the cutest boots ever that she scored in London- this girl has some incredible taste...

Love you forever.

JM & Ar Bear

Dallas Baby Shower Perfection

posted on: Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You know those people that you talk with for five minutes and just click?
Yeah, that is my friend Lianne. She and I have an incredible amount of things in common,
and she has been such an amazing support during this pregnancy. We became dear friends because of
one very special hospital visit, where we were left to talk for hours waiting around for tests and doctors. To say I am grateful for this girl is an understatement. 
She is also one of the craftiest girls I have ever known, and makes these amazing things for her
baby girl Calvyn. {Her quiet books should be sold in stores-they are a pinterester's dream}
Well, she threw me a shower and I had no clue how above and beyond she could go with decor &
a theme, so I thought I would share her cuteness with all of you. Also every time I look at the 
pictures of food I start salivating again, thinking about how tasty those cookies, cake balls and sandwiches were. Aaron also appreciated the amount she made, because he got to partake of some of it too! Please notice the cookies had hand-cut whales and crabs from fondant, and the cake balls
were DIVINE. I had a sugar high for days because of those delish treats. 
This day made me feel insanely special and loved, and I couldn't be more thankful for an example
of motherhood like her! I am one lucky girl.

 {Bib making station- note the "turtle turtle"- thanks to Master of Disguise}
 {Cutest diaper cake- ever? Yeah thats what I thought!}

 {She handmade those ornaments- Lianne you have got to be kidding me! So cute!}
 {Aaron and his best friend Calvyn- She is the cutest little girl. Her white blonde hair kills me}

{We may look a little like a couple here-I love this girl}


Whinnie's Wedding Day

posted on: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My best Whinnie got married last monday and I couldn't have been more happy to be apart of it.
We met my freshman year in the dorm laundry room, and have been dear friends ever since.
Whit has always been my friend who is down for any adventure. We have explored idaho, utah, and much of southern california together always with insane stories and spontaneity.
Whit is one of those people who will jump on any crazy fun idea and run with it,
and ALWAYS puts her friends first. We have been through breakups, love, cray cray boys,
missions, marriage, sickness- man this girl has seen me through it all. I can't explain how much joy there was in seeing her make covenants with sweet Jake, whom I also adore, it couldn't have been a better day! I was very emotional the whole time, and couldn't believe how beautiful she looked.
I am so happy for you Whit. Love you forever.  

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