Chicken on Chicken on Chicken

posted on: Sunday, November 17, 2013

Turns out life is better when you get more sleep, and this week we have had just that.
Teddy is starting to sleep through the night, and wake up once for a feeding-and I am so grateful.
He is the best best little cuddle bug, and likes to make little squeaking noises when he is sleeping.
When he looses his binky in the night, he closes his eyes and waves his head around with
an open mouth looking for it. Probably the cutest thing I have ever seen, ever.
We took him to his 2 week appointment and felt so so proud that he gained 3 pounds and some,
way to go baby bear!
 He is now a whopping 10 lbs 8 oz, and our ped kept calling him a little over-achiever,
and I couldn't help but be proud of him. Silly? I think not.
Teddy didn't even cry when he got some more tests, and had to get poked, but he did get very very
upset when he had to be stripped down for his weight. This boy doesn't like to be cold!
Friday we finally got out of the house and went on a family date to Chicken Scratch in Dallas.
The location is very very hipster and way to cool for us, but we ignored that fact and 
indulged in some delish southern country food. They had the best fried chicken I have ever had,
and even brewed their own root beer- incredible! All in all we have loved this week,
seeing teddy try to lift his head, become more and more aware of surroundings
 and fill with a love of life is just the best. 
Who knew babies were so snuggly?


p.s. our awesome friends the Clements came over for a great saturday night,
and we had the best fast food chicken test, here in Dallas.
Verdict: Chicken express has the BEST breading, but Raising Cane's has the best sauce.

A little Slideshow of the Boy

posted on: Saturday, November 9, 2013

When I heard this song on Nashville I bawled my eyes out. It may be the song, but I think its the beautiful lyrics and how they simply talk about appreciating life. I was also 39 weeks pregnant when I watched it, so emotions were flowing freely and I knew it would be the song I would soothe myself with during labor. When I was actually in labor it was really hard for me to remember the words and the melody, and so Aaron kept reminding me how the song went. It brought me peace, and helped me remember even when it hurt terribly that I was doing this for a greater purpose.  This first week has been so beautiful and sleep depriving. Aaron and I just stare at his face for hours, we get excited for every little thing he does. I am sure this is normal for first time parents, you feel so proud of everything they do. I even get excited for when he wakes up from naps, I think,"way to go teddy, you know how to sleep and wake up!" This whole process has been such a blessing, I couldn't feel more thankful that I get to have this boy as my son for eternity. For these first couple weeks I am trying to soak up as much new baby smell as possible, get all the sweet baby kisses I can, and try to remember every new discovery he makes in life. Here's to babies.


The Arrival of Theodore James

posted on: Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our  little bundle of perfection came into our
family and we couldn't feel happier about it. My parents and wonderful husband took some photos
to document the birth and some of our time at the hospital and I was very impressed with how
beautifully they captured the experience. 
{Though no photo lens could truly capture the beauty and sacredness of this event}
I am writing this post as little teddy sleeps swaddled up on my chest, and remembering this special day cuddled up with the boy leaves me very emotional and tender.

I won't share the birth story here, I believe the events that happened were very sacred, and special to our little family... But, I am filled with the desire to share my love, gratitude and thoughts on the first 5 days of motherhood. 
The first thing I know to be true, we are meant to have families. My mother and father were able to be there for the birth, and with those two combined with my powerhouse husband, I was able to get through the hardest physical pain I have ever experienced. They are the people I look to for comfort, love, advice and even constructive criticism. These three know what to say, and know when to push me to become a better person. I know that God gives us families for many reasons and honestly life wouldn't be worth it without them. Thank you to my wonderful family, I am so happy that I can be with you for eternity. Also I never knew the instantaneous love that would come from looking at his face, it was life altering. I keep saying, "How did we ever survive not knowing and having teddy before? How were we even happy?"

Also I want to provide everything possible to help teddy with his journey. This new job of being a mom has given me a huge rush of ideas on how to be a better person. I have recommitted myself to spirituality, kindness, hard work, and most of all the love of Christ for my loved ones and for those that prove harder to love. I want him to have a good example, and I know that through the Savior I can be better. 

{peak of contractions}
{completely candid and beautiful}
{daddio giving me tender love during a very painful active labor}
{seeing the boy's face the first time}
{we didn't even know life before you, sweet boy}

We couldn't be more overjoyed to have this boy in our family.
The gratitude I feel has left me in tears daily, and I am trying to remember to thank Heavenly Father
as often as possible for this amazing opportunity being Teddy's mom. Also I was not prepared
for the level of love that I would experience for my Husband. Its shocking to see how much your heart can grow through the different stages of your life and relationship, but the most sweet stage we have had- would be the last five days. We have also never been so exhausted and overwhelmed with change, but lying in bed at night chatting and saying family prayer with little teddy nestled between us is easily the happiest times of my life.
So here's to the happy days, and the tired days, and the back pain from nursing. 
It has been so fulfilling thus far, and I can't wait to watch this boy grow and experience life.
Even saying that sentence makes me weepy, this boy has got a real hold on my heart strings!
We love you Teddy James, and we are honored to be your parents.
Thank you for bringing color and light into our lives, and we will try our best to give that
right back to you. Love you to the Moon.
Moss Momma & Pappa

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