2013 the best year yet!

posted on: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We have had an incredible year.
That being said, 2013 has been the one we have grown the most in. We have recieved so many blessings, and the biggest blessing of our lives. We are in awe of all the crazy things we have been through and couldn't be more excited for the changes coming up. Here are a couple photos that show some of the fun we have had... :)

We started off the year at Disneyland, seeing some of the spots my dad did work on in the past couple years. So proud of all his work and accomplishments. What a guy!
We spent a lot of late late nights with our friends the Langi's. It was incredibly hard leaving them and Rexburg to start our new adventure in Dallas. We sure appreciate them & their darling Mia girl. We found out the most fantastic news in the world, that we were pregnant with a BABY! I honestly didn't think it was possible to be so excited, but I had no idea the Love that would enter our hearts when we met our little Theodore. Its more than exciting, just simply bliss.
Aaron started Police Academy in Dallas, and officially became the cutest husband in the world.
I had never before seen him so passionate about anything, but seeing him learn skills to help other
people and learning more about investigation was such a joy for me to see. 
We had some incredible dates to the temple, it was one of the first time I felt teddy kicking.
He kicked like crazy while we were in there, it was so cute. 
 We got to visit Kirtland for Labor day and see our darling nieces and nephews, and hang out
with the awesome Moss family. It is always delightful spending time with them!
 I got to go home for a bit to see my wonderful family. I was very sick while pregnant, and my
parents brought me out while Aaron was deep into school to take care of me a bit. It helped boost my spirits. I couldn't be more thankful for such a lovely family. 
 We went to the hollywood bowl together. Very very fun. 
 Aaron and I discovered Dallas together and found some great rootbeer and burgers. #winning
 Aaron took me to get something I had craved for months {a french dip sandwich}
and we actually found one of the best restaurants we have ever been to. They shave prime rib, and serve it with truffle fries. It is one amazing place, and we ate right before Teddy came too!
 Had a lovely shower thrown by my incredible friend Lianne, she and her husband have become our
dear friends in Dallas. She is such a great example of motherhood and kindness, and her whole shower was color/whale themed and I felt so overwhelmed with every detail. She is someone who shows her love through service and generosity. We have spent some wonderful nights together and even a couple fun and eventful hours at the hospital. We have been lucky to have them live close by and I honestly think they might love teddy almost as much as we do! :)
 My darling whit got married!! It was one of the most special days, and such a spiritual and emotional day. The sealing was filled with so much love, and I felt such a joy to see her find happiness with her new husband. It really was a beautiful day and a highlight of the year.
 This was a WONDERFUL night seeing friends, mission family, moss/jackson/dyer family and all my people together to celebrate our baby coming. I felt so loved and supported that night and it helped make the hard road of pregnancy more sweet. My Aunt Lisa and cousins went above and beyond. What a lovely day with them, and I will always cherish those women.
 Shortly after Aaron graduated from Police Academy our darling little Teddy came to our family and made us understand how wonderful life can really be! Oh our lives are so much sweeter, thank you sweet Ted. We love you.
My parents got to share in the sweet day, and I felt such a support from them! Thank you Mommy and daddy for always being there when I need it the most.
 Teddy's first checkup, he passed with flying colors!
 Our first date night with the boy, he surprisingly wasn't the youngest baby there {one mom said her baby was 2 days old! WOW} we needed to get out of the house and be real people for a minute,
so we hopped on over to chicken scratch. I love being with my family.
Oh we cam home for Christmas and got to see my wonderful girls- betsy and Ina. What a wonderful day to sit and remember our past, and talk about our goals and future plans. 
 Got to spend time with these wonderful humans. We laugh alot and I think we may bring out the crazy in each other too. Oh and it seems like the only thing we bicker about now, is who gets to hold teddy.
He is one loved little boy.
This sweet boy has stolen our hearts. 
 And we ended the year meeting up with these wonderful friends, we love the Anderson's!

2014- Come at us, we are excited to see all the new fun things you have for us!


3 years of teaching me what Love is

posted on: Saturday, December 21, 2013

Every year around our anniversary time, I go through our wedding pictures. It amazes me how beautiful they are, not simply because our photographers were genius, and because the subject matter is incredible {aaron moss: hotter than hades}, but they are beautiful because of Love.  Love that exists between so many people in our life, love that exists because of sacrifice, love that grew through time and distance, and my most important love, my sweet and beloved friend and companion Aaron or as I call him "Bear". You see, Aaron and I have been friends from the very beginning of our time together. We bonded through our humor and silly obsession of Harry potter. He was the first person who completely understood my humor, and made me laugh till my face hurt. We also had so many of the same goals in life, to live for family not fortune, to live for deeper things, and to try and help as many people along the way as possible. I fell in love with his calm wisdom, and patient understanding. I fell very hard when I saw him first interact with his niece Maddie. He was so gentle, and tender with her. He held her and looked at her with so much pure love I thought my heart was going to explode watching him. I knew he was one day going to be an incredible husband/father, and went home and prayed that he would pick me. Our wedding day came a couple years later, and I could barely sleep the night before. Every single happy feeling I had ever experienced didn't measure to the joy of December 21, 2010. That day we were surrounded by our dearest friends and family, and made promises to each other and God to love each other for forever. I couldn't cry, and I always cry, because I just smiled and smiled. Since that day Aaron has helped me smile, and keep smiling even when tears are pouring out along with it. He made me smile when I was in so much pain after thyroid cancer. He helped me smile even though I thought I lost my ability to sing for forever. He has nursed me to health so much of our time the last couple years, and has never complained. He has taken on almost of of the household duties for most of our marriage because of my health. Thinking about his enormous amounts of service and love toward me and our home makes choke up every time, I couldn't repay all his kindness-but will try to for the rest of my life. All of his sacrifice and love doesn't even come close to the humor and hope he has brought to our family. There have been many days I didn't think my body would make it through, and he was there reminding me to keep my chin up and my faith strong. Aaron your friendship has meant the world, your heart is golden and I know that you will continue being the best husband and father possible. 

 I love you doesn't even cover it.

Thank you for teaching me that love is service, and love is holding my hand through doctors visits where they give you good news and especially the ones where they give you bad news. Love is waking up with Theodore all night, not giving me a turn, because you know I need to catch up on sleep {even though you need it just as much}. Its doing a sugar free diet with me, when they told me I had to for health reasons, even though sugar is your favorite. Love is reading me buzzfeeds while I am throwing up in the shower while 8 months pregnant, and I laugh and barf at the same time, which makes me laugh harder! Its looking forward to road trips, because we like to talk about our bucket list, or dream home, or goals for America.  Its being married for 3 years and still having a problem going to bed because we stay up way too late talking and planning our adventures. Aaron you have taught me love, and it just keeps getting better and sweeter. 

I just love you, and thank you for teaching me everyday what love is.

Lets hear it for, adoring!
To kissing!
 To laughing!
 To crying!
To Eternity with you!

Truly yours,

Oh, and lets bring this cute thing along with us, shall we?

Always a party with these two...

posted on: Thursday, December 12, 2013

 We went to California to spend Thanksgiving with the Jackson 5 and had an absolute ball. While going out there we spent an afternoon with some of my  best friends from high school, and as always it did not disappoint. We were at bets place in Silverlake that is absolutely beautiful,with a view that honestly took my breath away. The moment we walked in we were met with HUGE hugs and Teddy was immediately scooped up by Ina Bean and was fawned over for the next 5 hours. They just traded Teddy back and forth, and he fell asleep on them over and over, it was pretty cute. Well, not only did we have a LOVELY time with them but we were overwhelmed with the incredible hors d'oeuvres: sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, goat cheese, and a toasted pain rustique bread. To say that this drink and dish were good, is an incredible understatement. They were incredible, and I am salivating while writing this now- Ina/Bets if you are reading this please fed-ex me some of these delish treats, #thankyouverymuch. The main course was equally delicious with a salad of goats cheese, avocado, cornbread croutons (incredible), cherry tomatoes, and arugula salad. I don't think these girls know how to make anything less than primo food. The grilled corn, tasty cornbread, sausage, and polenta/zucchini/cherry tomatoes was unreal. All in All we had a lovely afternoon, and the company was as exquisite as the food. It was one of those special moments where everything in life is good, and you can't help but feel giddy and happy. I am grateful for friends who will be silly and serious all in one day.Love both of you girls so much, and Aaron and I love sharing our baby with you!

The settings and table- gorgeous!

Don't you worry, these girls sent us home with the CUTEST tummy time mat,
and teddy loves it. It even came with a little pillow, Teddy is a well loved little guy...


Teddybear is One Month

posted on: Monday, December 9, 2013

Aaron and I keep saying- this has been the LONGEST and best month of our life!
We have forgotten what life was like before this little bubba,
and don't know how we even functioned. We have had a lot of fun firsts with the boy in the
first month, and watching him grow is about the best thing ever.

-He has taken a lot of baths and loves them, he gets really excited about half way through and
starting kicking like crazy. This kid's totally going to be a swimmer! (like his momma)
-He loved having his hands out and next to his face, when he is eating, he puts his hands right next to
the bottle and tries to hold it himself. He also hates being swaddled with his arms in,
so we will let him have one arm out and he gets super excited.
-He is learning how to hold up his head, and will be doing pretty good, and all the sudden it will fall.
So when we are holding him, he sometimes head butts us.
- He has bright white hair, but the back is slowly turning Strawberry blonde. So so cute.
-He loves sleeping with his pappa, and loves falling asleep on his chest.
-Teddy did so so well flying to LA for Thanksgiving. Everyone said, "Wow you guys are brave" but meaning, "You all are idiots for flying with a month old baby" but they were wrong,
Ted rocked it like a champ and didn't cry for any of the flights! (We were incredibly proud of him)
-Gets the hiccups all the time, and we cant help but laugh. They shake his whole body.
-Slept through 2 movies, and one was Catching Fire and that movie was LOUD, homeboy just slept
on his pappa- like a champ.
-He smiled a couple times, and sufficiently melted my heart. (I have yet to get it on film)
-He can't fight the power of the Saturn Ion, and falls asleep almost immediately when he gets in
his carseat.
-The best thing is holding him in my arms and singing him lullabies. He falls asleep like an angel,
and I sit and rub his little back. He loves music and it proves to me again that this is definitely my baby boy.

Teddy boy, I love you so so much. Your daddy and I can't believe we get to have you for eternity.
Thank you for making the cutest little squeaks and being the best cuddle bug.
We love you bubba.

Moss Momma & Pappa

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