It always starts with a nodule

posted on: Sunday, July 13, 2014

In the beginning of June we were told to get full physicals for the purpose of fulfilling a requirement
for Aaron's insurance provider. That is simple enough? Aaron went and got his, Teddy went and passed his with flying "above-average" colors, and last was my physical.

We started the appointment by briefing the doctor of my medical history, Aaron and I batted back & forth on the details of the last couple years.

{Before 2010- I was a super healthy kid. I had strep once, and allergies sometimes, but all in all I was healthy. Starting in late 2009 I showed signs that after a series of tests, showed a nodule in my thyroid. In Feb of 2010 I had that nodule removed and a partial thyroidectomy, the nodule came back as cancer so we watched my thyroid closely and the following year had the other side removed with another nodule that presented itself. That one also turned out to be cancerous. That year they also found fibrous tumors in my wrist and foot, so for a space of 5 months I was in bed quite a lot. It was a crazy time, but I learned how to let Aaron serve and take care of me, which has been a huge and beautiful blessing in our marriage. Our first year on paper, sounds insane, but in actuality was some of our sweetest and most tender times. We have done extensive research on thyroid related issues, and every doctors visit since the full thyroidectomy I have had small or large complications relating to the lack of thyroid in my body. Its been a journey, and we joke that its shocking that something so small could lead to so much damage. Much like a furby, or a tamagotchi, if you don't treat it well and in a timely manner, it will make your life miserable.}

We ran all the normal tests, that you receive in a physical and got a full blood work up. Unfortunately after a series of tests, we found that once again my cancer has come back and is more sassy than ever. I once again have a nodule in my right thyroid bed, and it is larger than the previous two I have had before. It has been a very stressful three weeks of testing and doctors appointments, and we have felt such a myriad of emotions. There were tests showing not only the cancer, but problems with my heart and liver. The worst problem with health issues, is the waiting period and not knowing the extent of the problems, your mind goes crazy with all the possibilities. I realized we made a huge mistake going to the movie "the fault in our stars"when three minutes into the movie the main girl starts her story with "It started with thyroid cancer." There may have been a bit of old fashion ugly crying. It was a semi-traumatic experience, but now makes me laugh how the series of events played out. I will officially be doing more research before I go to the movies...

So after that stressful period of time, we finally came to the point where we know what treatment plan we will be moving forward with. It all starts in two weeks, where I will have my third exploratory surgery with my thyroid nodule removed as well as some surrounding tissues/lymph nodes. This will be trickier than before because of the extent of my scar tissue inside and the positioning of the nodule. I am thrilled to have this icky cancer out of me, but nervous because one of the higher risks for the surgery is voice box damage. BUT, I decided the other day that there are too many possible risks that I could sit and worry about and for heavens sake- I have had cancer 2x before this and made it through, so why not a third time. I could sit and worry about all the possible things that could go wrong, but that could cheat me of this entire experience. I have been shaped and blessed so much in the past from my trials, and I hope that this hurdle will do just the same.

So, its been a crazy two weeks, but we have already seen huge miracles with the process of getting in with doctors, and the people we have be referred to. We have had some wonderful care given already here in corpus, and Aaron and I are grateful for wonderful health insurance and medical care. I have been reading quite a few talks in the last two weeks, and this talk: Come what may & love it, and this talk: the infinite power of Hope have brought me so much peace. I honestly don't know how I could have made it this far without the strength that comes through Heavenly Father. I have felt so much peace from prayer and from the prayers of others. Its very humbling to know that people are thinking and praying for you, it brings me so much gratitude for their efforts on my behalf. So if you are one of those people, thank you so much, I appreciate your prayers and love more than you know.

Come What May & Love It,
Moss Momma


Kilean said...

Jennie, I'm in tears reading this.. and I love you so much.

melody beeson said...

Jennie, you are so amazing. Seriously a rock star. Your ositive attitude, and everything else astounds me. Heavenly Father has a plan for you, that is for sure. You will be in my prayers.. Now go kick this cancers booty!

BurkeAndEmily said...

We will be praying for you. I know it was hard for my sister to be gone through Evelyn's cancer treatments, but we felt power come to Evelyn through her prayers as she sacrificed to serve. I know it will be the same with your parents.

Sara said...

Thinking of you my sweet Jennie. I love you so much. Prayers for the Moss family.

Kim Hamling said...

Ahhh...pretty, sweet, upbeat girl...I was so sad to read this. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Moss Momma said...

Melody, love you to the moon! You are such an inspiration!! ❤️❤️

Moss Momma said...

Ki, you are a true friend!

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