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posted on: Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We have been having quite the month over here as many of you know and the apprehension that comes from poor test results is something I was sure I could handle. I have had many medical tests in the past couple years, and have received a myriad of diagnosis that have brought twist and turns in our life. The last couple weeks have brought such pain from the thoughts of ever being taken away from my family, and the many different things that can happen with cancer.

Even if you have been through something once, as your life progresses the experience can be entirely different. This time around I had a sweet baby who requires much of my time, energy and most of all, my heart. It kept me up at night thinking of the possibilities of what my life could become with just a few words from a scan, it is almost chilling. Meanwhile I had many feelings and promptings to share my experience and our trials with those around us, even though it was difficult to do so. I would much rather deliver positive and happy news, then share in a painful experience. I am thankful that I followed those feelings, because there have been many miracles large and small resulting from the faith and prayers of others.

I have heard news from the doctors that though the masses look discolored and resemble the qualities of cancer, I do not have cancer.

When I heard this I felt so much release from burdens and fear, it was like I was completely released. The news gets even better. The protocol for my medical history would be Radioactive Iodine to clear out thyroid tissue and any possible remnant of cancer cells. We were planing to go through with this until this morning when my doctor came in and told me that this did not feel right to him. He really said that phrase and then left to call a doctor whom I haven't even seen yet, but specializing in this field. He came back with a big smile on his face, and informed me of an alternate treatment that I am eligible for because of the exactness of my case. Further, he told me that because we had performed this exploratory procedure, there was an anomaly found in my neck. One of my arteries runs right through the area of my trachea and if I had ever had some sort of tracheotomy done, I would surely die within minutes. He sat back and told me how blessed I was that we figured this out, for something very simple in the future could have proved fatal.

There have been so many blessings my family and I have received in the last two months I honestly don't know if there are enough prayers I can offer to give proper gratitude to them. Thank you for your prayers, for I believe that this process has turned out to be such a positive one because of them. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to think of us, and plead on our behalf. Thank you for the emails, calls, letters and packages filled with support and love. They really did help carry us through this time.

I am not sure why everything happened the way it did, (I am always trying to figure out the plan as I go through it) but I do know one thing, I know for a fact that Heavenly Father can lift our burdens so they are light. Through scriptures, prayer and love of family and friends, I felt invincible and knew that if it was necessary I could carry on the fight longer. I know that this strength didn't come within, and I further know that I can call upon this in the future trials of my life.

Thank you for being my people, I really cherish you and couldn't be more grateful for today.

alot of my thoughts are summed up in this talk and I am thankful for it.

love love love
Jennie & Ar


Anthony and Erin Mills said...

Great news! So happy for your sweet family! The thought of not being there for my babies terrifies me as well. I am so glad that things are alright and I will continue to pray for your health!

Molly Callister said...

Oh Jennie!!! That is so wonderful. I am so happy for you!

.kaitlyn. said...

wonderful news! sending all our love!

Cheree said...

Yay! So grateful, happy and peaceful. Ahhhhh Love you all soo very much.

kopiluwak nya said...
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