Highlights from the Hospital

posted on: Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thank you to everyone's prayers and thoughts for me yesterday. I really appreciate all the love and it helped me through the fear and icky of going through procedures. I thought to thank everyone I would post a blurb from my conversations with Aaron that I have no recollection of, while coming out of anesthesia. There are some special gems.

The first thing I said when wheeled back into the room.

A: "Jennie, How are you feeling?"
J: "Shauna Malway Tweep"
J: "Shauna Malway Tweep"

J: "Can I have water?"
J:"Shauna Malway Tweep"

{Shauna Malway Tweep is a small sub character from Parks & Rec, obviously a pressing matter to bring up post-op}

Post procedures, I was given a new nurse. My first nurse was african american and in her 30s.
When I came back my nurse was in her 50s and white.

Then I was sure I was in my bed at home, and said the following:

J: "Who is she?" motioning to nurse
A: "Your nurse"
J: "Did you meet her at the police academy?"
J: "Why is she in our house.... did you invite her to dinner?"
J: {to the nurse} "Did you come over for dinner?"

{She didn't come over for dinner, apparently. But she did laugh at me, alot}

When the nurse left the room.

J: "She's pretty.....(whispered to Aaron) she used to be black?!"

After being told about my stomach from the doctor, and told me that I couldn't eat greasy food such as hamburgers. I waited until she walked out of the door and I leaned over to Aaron and said the following,

In a whisper "Aaron, we need to talk to Mcdonalds"

A: "What? Why?"

J: "They are poisoning the people"

A: "What"

J: "They did this to me"

A: "You think Mcdonalds poisoned you?"

J: "Yes they do that to people"

A: "why?"

J: "Because of the hamburgers"

{I think my point was pretty spot on here, it is all Mcdonald's fault}

I hope you enjoyed these, I wish I could remember my nurse changing races, now that is a unique talent!


"Any day spent with you is my favorite day"

posted on: Monday, January 27, 2014

My new hobby is making prints for my darling boy's nursery, and obviously the place I started with was Winnie the Pooh. All of A.A. Milne's books are brilliant so snagging some of her phrases for our home was crucial. I hope you enjoy this, and feel free use it in your home too! I sure love my little boy, and truly every day I spend with him is my favorite day.

Feel free to use for personal use!

Home for the Holidays

posted on: Monday, January 20, 2014

Since this trip is the last to California for a couple years, we made a list of all the things we wanted to see, experience and eat {what the list mostly consisted of, lets be real.} So we started off our La Canada adventures with a trip to Zeli's, and christmas shopping at Marshall's and TJ Max. I don't understand what they do differently at the La Canada Marshall's and Tj's but seriously they have absolute scores! We also got to catch up with some of our favorite people, went to the Americana for shopping and movies {GO SEE frozen & Walter Mitty- Incredible and inspiring, both of them!}, went to the beach, had a fabulous day at the Huntington Gardens/library/exhibits in honor of my darling grandma who was a docent there for years, and spent a lot of time playing speed scrabble and squeezing our little Ted. Every morning one of my parent's would knock on the door and come get Teddy out of our bed. They would act like it was Christmas morning everytime, and would proceed to cuddle him-then put him in everyone's bed. I don't care who you are, being woken up be a baby is the cutest and you can't even be angry. Ted is a good little cuddler, as long as he doesn't punch you in the face in his excitement to do his cool dance moves. I love seeing my family around him, its everything I love in one place. Absolute perfection.

 Teddy met his new girlfriend/ future olympian Kate Hansen, and successfully wooed her

We took Teddy to the beach for the first time.
 Caught up with Niko, Teddy got all dressed up for in his sweater onesie,
we got some traditional Ichi Ban, and even topped it off with hours of talking and penguins froyo.
Talk about bringing back the La Canada memories...throw in a trip to Manhattan Beach and I would feel right back in High School.
 Got to see Allan & JKJ over the break, they are hilarious and I am convinced we live weird parallel lives. Can't wait for our photo-off christmas of 2014-it will be epic.
One of the best moments of the break was spending time with the Dan family. They have known me and my family since 2nd grade and Ina has been one of my very best friends since. Having time to catch up and talk about how wonderful life is with family, and seeing Ina's Momma hold and love Teddy boy-may have made me choke up a little. Its amazing how time doesn't matter with certain people, its like coming home and feeling every good feeling with the Dan family. 

Loved this trip and my fantastic family. Till we meet again California.

2014 Come at me & 2 new prints

posted on: Thursday, January 16, 2014

1. Forgive everyday. Especially the offhand comments that hurt my feelings, even the ones that are intended to hurt, I want to forgive people's words and actions. I want to forgive my own faults, and shortcomings which I see even more clearly as a mother. 

2. Have a grateful heart, and not feel bitter when things don't go the way I planned. I am a planner, like to the point of obsession, and I want to be grateful for each day instead of always looking toward the future. 

These are my goals. Happy 2014.

{you may use any of these prints for personal use}


Choosing to be God's servant

posted on: Saturday, January 11, 2014

Last Saturday started out as a hard day. I would be leaving the sunshine and comfort of Christmas break with my family and returning home to "real life" in Dallas. My husband had returned home earlier in the week and I was anxious to see him and really excited to be once again taking turns with the baby at night (haha). Our two month old still has his days and nights mixed up, so its really hard managing him a couple nights in a row all by myself. Also we have all been battling colds, and nothing is sadder than hearing your little baby struggling to breathe at 2 in the morning. All these worries kept creeping in about being able to manage flying alone with my baby- handling him and all his baby gear was going to be quite the balancing act. I kept praying that I could handle it, and that I would have nice people around that could help out a bit if I needed it.

We pulled up to LAX with the longest curbside checkin line I had ever seen. Inside of the airport was an absolute zoo. So I opted for curbside, and said goodbye to my momma and headed over to the line. Toting the base of the car seat, {which is a really awkward size and weight} a hefty overweight suitcase, my stroller, diaper bag and purse, I walked over to the line. As I watched the time on my phone quickly go by, I called my husband and told him that I would doubt if I actually made this flight. The line was barely moving, then I would have to go through TSA, and honestly I saw no possibility of us getting to the gate on time. He sounded so disappointed, because he was sick and alone in Texas and hadn't ever gone this long without our son. So I said another prayer that we could somehow make it to Dallas, that I wouldn't panic, and that someone would be able to help me. Just then my mom appeared and said, "I parked the car and figured you needed the help."  Well that proved to me again that mom's just know everything, and with her help I got all my luggage checked. We hugged tight and I felt like the rest of this airport adventure would be easy, I may have judged it too soon.... We got up to the security check point and my time was running out, and I knew if I didn't speak up I would miss my flight for sure. I said a prayer and asked the people in the line next to me if I could cut, and then said to the people behind, "I have five minutes till my flight leaves and I am cutting with my 2 month old is that ok?" Everyone nodded their heads, and the man behind me lifted the retractable belt-line organizer thing, and I dipped under and pulled my stroller through. I was at the front of the line and almost there {I could see my gate!!}, when I realized everything I had needed to be put on that conveyor belt to be scanned. I scrambled to get the car seat that was holding my little boy out of the stroller, and then tried to break down the stroller. That's when things started getting hairy. The TSA lady started yelling at me for slowing down her line, and said "You are holding every person here up!" I tried even harder to make this stroller collapse, but all the stress and anxiety of the day seemed to pile up in my head and cloud my train of thought. I couldn't even remember how to do it, and then Teddy started crying. The woman continued, "You need your jacket off, and shoes!" "Take your baby out of the carrier and hold him as you walk through!"  Right then my diaper bag that I had set on the belt opened up and spilled all the contents on the belt and floor, as I was still trying to break down the stroller. Hot tears spilled out of my eyes, and I asked if anyone knew how to make this stroller go down. I was also trying to rock Teddy's car seat with my foot as I was trying to figure it out, because he was still screaming. I said another tiny prayer with only the words, "Please God, Help?" I was pushing the tears out of my eyes, but they just kept pouring out. I felt so alone.

Out of no where, and very far back in the line a very pregnant lady bounded up to me smiled and said, "Here, let me do this. I have had this stroller before, its a tricky one." She broke down the stroller in 5 seconds, put it on the belt. Then undid Teddy from the carrier, and handed him to me, broke down the car seat and put it on the belt and then took the contents that had spilled from my bag and put them back in and sent that through. This whole act she did while I stood there, dumbfounded and watched and cried. I couldn't believe that someone who didn't know me, would swoop in and help me especially when she looked about ready to have her baby any second. As she was finished, she looked at me and said, "Go, its all through now, everything is ok, go and catch your flight!" I smiled, cried and said, "thank you." As I turned around some of the people who had watched this whole scene literally cheered for me. They said, "Yeah! Go and get your flight!" and "Run, you got this! You are going to make it!"  My heart was so full, it honestly felt like all my friends were there rooting for me and my goal. I almost stuck my tongue out at the mean TSA lady as I skipped through the metal detector, and when I got to the other side the woman in front of me had put my car seat into my stroller and had my diaper bag on the stroller. I was still crying, and said, "Thank you!" and ran to my gate. When I got there, the flight attendant said, "Jennie Moss? We were waiting for you." I looked at the time as I went down the hallway to the plane and it was 20 minutes after we were to depart. I couldn't believe they waited for me.... me? When I sat down at my seat, the woman next to me said, "Do you want to put your diaper bag and coat up? I will hold your baby, he is so adorable!" I got all choked up once again and said, "Yes, thank you so much." After getting everything packed away and having Teddy all snuggled up in my arms, I said a huge prayer of gratitude for the people God sent to help me that day.  I had never been so grateful to make a flight.

The service rendered to me that day may have seemed small to each person, but I felt my heart change so very dramatically. None of these people had to serve me, but instead they saw a need and chose to fill it. They saw past my identity as a stranger to see instead, a sister, a roommate, a tired mother, or simply as a child of God. My heart has softened to see past appearances and I feel this true connection with the human race, and to see people for who their true identity is. Ever since that day I have committed and recommitted myself to the promise of being there to serve the people around me. Not just the people who I feel comfortable serving and loving, but all people around. Even the man whose politics with I don't agree, the woman who just rubs you perfectly the wrong way, the guy who looks a little scary on the subway, the teenage girl with no manners, and the disheveled and sleep deprived mother who needs help taking down her own stroller in the TSA line.

Thank you to the people in Terminal 1 of LAX, you cheered on a girl who's heart was very low. Thank you so much to that sweet pregnant woman who reached out and helped me, your example has blessed my life. Thank you for choosing to be God's servant.

I painted & lettered this while writing this post, because it perfectly summed up
everything I wrote about. I hope you love it as much as I do. 
{Feel free to download it for personal use.}


3 Year Anniversary Date

posted on: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Aaron and I have a tradition. Every year for our anniversary, we do sealings at the temple to remember our own wedding day, and we go thrifting wherever we are. We both have a fascination with rad things from the past, I prefer records and vintage decor and he loves old school straight razors (and shaves with them too!) and vintage hats/shoes. We have gone thrifting in every place we have lived and visited, but have found dallas and cleveland to be the places to find amazing unique pieces. I got a mint condition "You're a Goodman Charlie Brown" original broadway cast record, which is the first show I saw on broadway-so its very special to me. Aaron found a metal sign from the 30s that says, "Teddy Bear Toy & Co." and it has a huge teddy bear on it, its a match made in heaven for our boy's future room. (I say future because we are in a one bedroom right now, its a goal to get this boy his own room this year!!) This year was extra special because it was the first time taking teddy on our fave past time. But then we remembered he is a two month old baby, so he pretty much slept the entire time. Maybe next time ted. (I doubt he will be interested in this kind of stuff for years...) 

 {There was a bunch of Mason garb at all the shops we went to, and apparently this one hat comes to us from Northern California ......get it? }

We have have loved the food here in Dallas, and seem to keep winning with every new place we try. Chicken Scratch is a favorite, and honestly makes the most delish fried Chicken I have ever had. The foundry sandwich has thick and incredibly flavorful bacon, mashed potatoes, a SC remastered honey mustard, and of course fried Chicken on a buttermilk biscuit. I have had this sandwich both times, and it has made the experience epic both times. (Its so good, I would take a trip to Dallas just to try it...) 

I love our traditions, thanks for creating the best traditions Ar!

Day Date in Newport

posted on: Thursday, January 2, 2014

We went to Newport Beach to meet up with Aaron's best friend from chicago and his darling wife Jennika. We adore them and have always had a ball when we hang out {usually it includes youtube videos, mexican food and some video games}. We went to this incredible place called, Bear Flag Fish Company and ate swordfish burritos. I was over the moon for the amazing gauc, lettuce, tangy rice & of course fresh swordfish. Aaron and I ordered the same thing {surprise, surprise} but I did pair my burrito with this which made my meal perfection. We gabbed all day about pregnancy, babies, birth, moving, jobs and you know all the huge transitions it seems the people our age are going through. We walked over to the beach and pier and showed little teddy the beach. The water was so clear and flat {much to my surfer daddy's dismay} we could see crabs and starfish on the bottom of the sea and we even saw a pod of dolphins jumping. Its one of my life goals to swim with dolphins, so everytime I am even close to them I feel excited and jittery! :) Jen was so cute with Teddy, he was cooing with her and couldn't stop smiling. She is in her second trimester and looked so tiny and beautiful. I love when my friends are pregnant for the first time, you can see such an added beauty and glow to soon to be mommas. We ended our day getting shakes at Ruby's, and just chatted about more life. The best kind of friends are the one's who you don't even have a lull in conversation, but you just keep getting excited to share all the information in your head. We feel so lucky to have friends like the anderson's, people who regardless of the time we spend apart- it feels like no time has past. Now all we have to do is convince then to move to Texas!  

Love you Anderson Fam,
The Moss'

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