Happy Three Months Teddy J

posted on: Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our boy has been growing incredibly fast. Every day seems huge, and with every milestone we feel our pride just brimming! This last three months have been huge and so much fun.
Ted you are the best!

As of Jan 30th our lives consist of:

-Music!! This boy loves music and the heavier the beat the better. 
I put Beyonce on and he dances like crazy. He will also coo and try and sing along. 
-Teddy laughed for the first time, while I was being very animated and silly. 
I have always loved performing for an audience, but Teddy's reactions trump every audience ever.
-Smiles all the time, he makes eye contact with Aaron or I and cracks a huge huge smile
 it makes life around here pretty perfect. I am willing to wake up in the middle of the night for this little chunky boy. He also loves to smile at strangers, people always comment on how happy
he is which makes up feel so proud. We have a little happy boy.
-He is a real wiggler, he LOVE to kick constantly and dances to any sort of music,
especially Beyonce. The boy knows whats up.
-Teddy LOVES the bath, he smiles huge and kicks like a crazy swimmer boy.
-He eats like its his job, this boy can pound milk like no one's business. 
(4oz every two-ish hours, he is really truly a moss!  )
-Teddy talks, coos and sings when he is awake. He talks a lot, a lot and it is the best when I sing
to him and he just sing right back to me. This interaction is one thing that will never get old.
- He loves his swing and the mirror on the top. He sits and stare memorized by that thing.
-This boy's hair is turning RED. Its undeniable now, and we adore it. 
-He laughs in his sleep...cutest thing ever?
-He burrows is head into the crook of my elbow and falls asleep like that. Then he sets his little hand on my chest and holds onto my shirt. This is one of my favorite times with him every day.

His face when I say his name. It amazes me that he knows and recognizes me.

And do you see the red hair below? {I die.}

Iphone pics of smiling and cuddling in bed with him. He wakes up and instantly starts smiling. :)
When he sleeps he looks like a doll, I check to see if he is really breathing every ten minutes.

Oh and this boy does the cutest thing when we blow on his face! 
It is hilarious, here is a video I took of it.



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