Hello Corpus Christi!

posted on: Saturday, March 15, 2014

We have loved our time here so far, and absolutely jumped right in to decorating our apartment, making some incredible friends, and watching Teddy grow everyday! This boy is rolling over, grabbing everything, and just lights up the room and our lives. Way to go Ted. Aaron is officially an officer {sworn in wednesday}, and loving his job. He works on one of the most beautiful locations, and has made some great friends already in his department. We are loving the kindness of the CC people, and are grateful that they have a Sprouts here. Also what the heck, HEB plus is the most amazing place, how did we not know this prior to Corpus? We are just crossing our fingers that Trader Joe's and Whole Foods can get the hint and start a location here soon. #hinthint

{Steve Holt!}

 {our darling friends, who are so incredibly good with Teddy!}


Four Months of little Teddy James

posted on: Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our little pumpkin is officially four months.
{I am shocked I have been keeping up this monthly report, its for posterity so I am trying to keep it up!}
I feel like everyday he is learning new things, showing more of his sweet playful personality,
and bringing absolute joy into our lives. Oh Teddy what would I be without you!
In the last month we have found Teddy's fave things are as follows:

-He loves to giggle, his dad has a very easy time making him laugh. Apparently clearing his throat is
hilarious, because it just gets this little guy every time.

- I have been testing the musical waters to see what kind of music he digs and much to my DELIGHT he loves musicals. He laughs a lot at "Little shop of Horrors" and I sing "Thoroughly Modern Millie" which makes him giddy and smile a whole lot. He also loves all the primary songs and lights up when I start singing them, like "hey! I know these songs!"

-This boy has rolled over for two days and its rough in his swing, he tries to roll out of it which scares me to the extreme. I think we may do away with swing time, or we will have to strap him in.

-He is eating a lot more/ taking three regular naps a day and guess what- this was not my doing!
It was all this guy, we just kinda fell into it when Aaron started work and it is happening really natural which is awesome (thank you Ted, your mom appreciates it!)
{I talked to a ton of mom's who were awesome about reading books/finding different methods but I just didn't get that far. I feel like I don't even have time to get ready or even think sometimes... Am I the only one?}

-Slobbering is also this kid's fave. It reminds me of his uncle who I am going to throw under the bus right now. John my favorite brother, is the baby we called "drool bucket" 
which in my 5 year old mind was absolutely hilarious and witty.
 I remember telling my primary teacher and thinking "this joke is totally going to land." 
{She didn't appreciate it like I thought she would, she would come to find out later that I was a comedic genius.}

-He is seriously the best cuddle buddy and loves to nap with us and here is the funny thing,
this kid knows how to sweat. If it was a sport he would be olympian status, it gets clammy up in our bed sometimes-but you know what I don't mind it. Like all baby things, baby sweat is even cute.

- Teddy is a HUGE fan of this toy, and it seems to be the best $10 I have ever spent.
He loves the lights and the songs are apparently his JAM. I love that little Einstein makes toys with classical music, because there are only so many times you can listen to "rock a bye baby" before wanting to break the toy. 

These next two show Teddy's new undying love for chewing on his fingers,
this boy is either drooling or chomping on his cute little fist.
 Most times Teddy will be smiling while chewing on the fist, my heart overflows with love
for this little boy. I love seeing his eyes light up while laughing at his Daddy!

We love you Ted, you can feel free to stay a baby for forever-cause goodness, you rock babyhood.
We love you more everyday and your silly little giggle is still my favorite noise to date!
Love you.

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