Set my sights higher than Pizza Hut

posted on: Saturday, April 19, 2014

My best friend growing up was a "regulation hottie" with a waist so tiny it dumbfounded me. She was beautiful and felt like I was always being seen with celebrity. This was wonderful and unfortunate all at once because I had not yet grown into my body or looks for that matter. I remember thinking everything was so easy for her because of her perfect body, and how "lucky she was." At the time it didn't dawn on me that her incredible eating habits and exercise regimen had anything to do with the fact that she was so thin, I foolishly attributed all her success to her perfect circumstance. Later in college when I committed to working out daily, and started eating with my health in mind, I found the pounds falling off. I came to understand that though I would never have the hourglass figure she possessed, I could feel healthy and fit because of hard work and dedication. 

I feel like the mindset I previously had of "all luck and no work" has crept into our generation, and it is just not true. I believe that crafting our lives with planning and hard work is like planning a fantastic meal. It takes an inital spark of creativity, a specific carried out plan, and then the actual creation of the meal. I would prefer a meal that takes thought and planning over pizza hut. {Lets be real, we all would.}

I was not born with a talent of cooking. I just wasn't. When I was first married, there were few options of things I could make, and to be honest they were SIMPLE and not great. I felt discouraged after many meals went very wrong, and slowly gave the reigns over to my husband. He was born with the talent to cook, and we have been eating mostly his meals since. {With the exception of an occasional salmon filet or two.} Since moving to corpus, we are no longer students so the responsibility of cooking is almost solely my duty, since I am now officially a stay at home momma. The thought of it was a little daunting, but I referred to many of my favorite cooking sites {thank goodness for the internet} and made a plan of becoming a better cook. I found dishes that said things like "simple & easy" or "fail-proof" and starting making a different dish every night. Again I was proved wrong that a good talent is all luck, because as I worked and planned to expand my cooking abilities--- I learned how to cook! I have been cultivating this talent, and I can in fact call it a talent now! It's exciting to see that if you really want to learn a skill, you can. 

I believe this doesn't solely rest with the exterior abilities but also our personalities and flaws. I love the new movie "Frozen," but I cringe hearing the line "people don't really change" in the song "Fixer Upper." What a crazy thing to say to ourselves, that we don't or can't change. How incredibly sad and untrue. I sure hope that the person my family and friends knew me as in 11th grade, is not who I am today. I am not by any means close to who I would love to become, but I do see personal growth and development. Just like developing a new talent, with a plan and hard work we can cultivate better emotional habits and be a better version of ourselves. 

Hard work is something we may shy away from or fear that if we put all this effort into a cause, it may not come to fruition. We should not buy into our fears and live a life withput faith and hope in the future. We need to encourage each other to work for our dreams, and see the joy that comes from work and dedication.

Even though it takes effort and planning, I am going to try and apply this to my life and become better though hardwork, patience from those around me, never forgetting that I can indeed become the person I want to be.


Could it be? 5 months of Teddy Bear

posted on: Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our Son is 5 months.
That sentence alone makes me feel a titch emotional. I guess thats normal because of the whole wanting to keep time, which is the only thing you can always count on moving forward. I feel remorseful some days of not savoring every little moment, and then some times I feel like I really have just lived every second with him. Its an odd thing to explain. All I know is that his discoveries keep getting bigger and more exciting, and I feel like I can actually see his mind turning as he learns new things.

For example: The binky trick.
My mom started hanging the binkie over his head to see if he would try to get it. The first couple times he just watched the pendulum as it swung gently over his chest, and then maybe the third time he rose his arms in the air to touch it. His little hands grabbed for the bink, as it swung back and forth, and when his fingers got tangled up with it- you could see his eyes twinkle. The more he grabbed and caught the binkie the more he would light up and giggle. This may seem like a simple thing, but watching him discover how to use his hands to grab and catch was one of my proudest moments.

Teddy's likes:
Music-Still LOVES to be sung to {I hope this doesn't ever go away!} and he really prefers musicals.
It may be that with musicals I am the most animated, but man this kid sure loves them! His current favorite is: "Toledo Surprise" from the Drowsy Chaperone
Baths- If he starts getting really grumpy and doesn't yet want to nap, he gets to go in the bath because man, does he love that place. The bath is where he goes crazy with movement, and you can barely get him to stop kicking the whole time.
His Baba- When he sees it, he reaches for that bottle, he is definitely a Moss for that love of food and we are sure proud of that!
Wrappers- the noise of the crinkle can entertain him for hours. The wipe packets are his favorite for they crinkle pretty loud. He loves to chew on them and hold them in his hands.
Rolling around- He has mastered rolling over, and now he just rolls until he gets where he wants. Its pretty hilarious to watch him roll and get to toys.
Being ticked- he giggles like crazy when tickled on his toes, tummy and neck

Plane rides & Car seats- He doesn't like to be restricted in movement, this has become pretty clear lately.....
Missing out on the party- putting T to bed when people are there is nearly impossible, this kid has major FOMO {fear of missing out} and will fight going to bed when there are people there.
Being away from Dad- he gets agitated when he is away from his dad too long. This proved true during our trip, he doesn't sleep as good with his papa far away.

Sometimes you need all your fingers in your mouth at the same time...

T we sure love you, thank you for blessing our lives every single day.


Conference Trip for the books!

posted on: Thursday, April 10, 2014

We had a beautiful time being with our people this past week, and made some amazing memories
introducing Teddy to some of our amazing family and friends. We had a jam packed time,
and seriously considered moving to UT on the spot. Its just so much fun being around the best people,
and we fell in love with being around the Jackson's. Here are some shots of what we did during our trip.

I started off the trip having lunch with my palmer girls. Could I love this family anymore? I don't know if its possible. They are the most kind and generous people I know and man are they beautiful. All of the girls fawned over Teddy and he took to them very quickly. We had such a nice time catching up on each other's lives and I realized that I am so lucky to have been blessed with a family in Idaho. If you know these people, count yourselves as blessed. 

Grandma & Grandpa are Teddy's favorites. Its incredible watching them interact and seeing T's face light up when he sees them. They both taught him to do some awesome tricks with a binky!

Teddy and I went to my mission reunion and surprised everyone! It was so wonderful seeing my Kate, and introducing her to T. Chloe who I knew as a toddler was so excited with holding Teddy which was crazy to see because I think of her as a little girl. It made me very weepy to watch them interact.
These are pics from two different nights, but favorites none the less. On the left my darling Kate, whom stands as a great friend and cheerleader, on the right some of my best friends from the THSM, we have all served together for such a great purpose and continued with those friendships to the present day. I am so thankful for my family from the mission.

I got to catch up with some of my besties from school. It is always SO fulfilling, seeing them and hearing about their lives. I always forget how easy and perfect talking and connecting with them. I can't wait until we have a BYUI reunion and can one day get all our girls together!!
I saw my 2nd family the Thomas' Family. They have energy to match my family, and Teddy was in heaven seeing everyone's animated faces. Being there with Sister Yang was a dream!!
I got to see my brothers- Bryan, Joey, John {my real brother} & Gare Bear. These boys are my absolute favorite people. Give us mexican food, Teddy Bear and some good old fashion walks down memory lane and we are happy! Now the trick is getting them to move to CC...
I got to see my sweet baby girl Lolo. What a fantastic night of multiple heart to hearts and a lot of laughing about cats + clothes. This girl is the top.
Saw my mission president + family which was thrilling. Kate and I serenaded my parents and the girls with some of our EFY faves. The two little ones sang a song as well which made me a little misty and grateful to have watched them grow into such beautiful young women.
Both of our babies! Sammy is getting so big!!
Teddy and I were overwhelmingly happy hanging with our besties, Lex, M & M.
We spent the day gabbing about motherhood and catching up on the details of life, and the boys became fast friends. I am excited for the next reunion, because Teddy will be walking or almost there, which means M will have a buddy to play with!
 A lot of BFF going on in the picture below. I can't believe how big M is getting!
John proved once again to be the best uncle in history. I feel complete confidence that he is going to be the best dad in history, and the boy really does adore him completely. I trust John with him too, which is nice- because then I don't have to be within two feet at all times!
We spent our week at the Hanson family's home. These people are the most generous and kind of all. They all loved on Ted, and made us feel completely at home even though we missed Aaron! They even had us celebrate Uncle Joe's Bday, which obviously included Mexican food and some Swig. Jenny and Ted bonded constantly and by the end I think he may have preferred her over me! :) I am so lucky to have a cousin who doubles as a sister. 

We can't wait to see you all again.


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